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Star Army Poncho, Type 38

The Type 38 Poncho is a rain poncho used by the Star Army of Yamatai. It provides soldiers and their backpacks with protection from rainfall so they can keep dry. It is more lightweight than a raincoat. Cost at the Star Army Clothing Store is 50 KS for the poncho and its liner (25 each).


The Type 38 Poncho was first issued in YE 38, although some previous models of ponchos (such as the nearly identical WickedArms Industries TA-18) were already in use at that point.


The poncho is a large rectangular garment constructed of completely waterproof synthetic polymer fabric. It is extremely resistant to punctures and tears and is strong enough to be used as a hammock or gurney. In the center it has a hood with a drawstring to pull it closed. The hood has ear pockets designed for Nekovalkyrja ears. The sides of the poncho have snaps to keep it closed and the corners of the poncho have metal grommets for trying the poncho to things. This design is essentially the same as the WickedArms Industries TA-18, which was first issued to Star Army soldiers in YE 21. The design goes back to long before the Yamatai Star Empire. In fact, the only real change is that the Type 38 ponchos are printed in with the RIKUPAT pattern.

The poncho comes with an extremely comfortable optional liner (affectionately called a “woobie”) that is made of quilted nylon with a polyester filling. It is attached with snaps. The poncho liner makes an excellent blanket or sleeping mat on its own.


The poncho is designed to be worn over field uniforms such as the the Star Army Field Uniform, Type 37 and Star Army Coverall, Type 36. It can also be used as a roof of a makeshift shelter.

It is not typical for the hood to be actually used outside of survival situations; this is one of those military culture things like not using the ear covers on winter hats and not using certain pockets. It is felt that soldiers look more professional with the hood down and/or that it interferes with the ability to hear. Additionally, in field environments, the head is typically already covered by a helmet.

Star Army Logistics
First UsedYE 38
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesclothing, uniforms
Product NameStar Army Poncho, Type 38
ManufacturerKetsurui Zaibatsu
Year ReleasedYE 38
Price (KS)50.00 KS

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