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Standard Small Starship Bridge (Plumeria Type)

The Plumeria-type Bridge is designed for a small number of crew members. A large doorway at the rear of the main bridge leads to the ship's main passageway. The bridge's walls are lined with control panels and supply lockers. The bridge has a dark blue carpet.

Chairs are made with comfortable foam padding and covered with durable gray leather and soft blue fabric. They are adjust but generally locked into place, but can be unlocked and rolled around on retractable wheels if desired.

Each bridge station includes:

  • several control panels
  • a telephone
  • a desk area with cup holder
  • removable panels providing access to systems for repair, refit, maintenance or power transfer
  • backup batteries
  • Have secondary links that bypass MEGAMI to provide manual operation of systems.

Stations on the main bridge as listed below:


The science station primarily commands the ship's many sensors.

Starship Operations

The station has the ability to pilot the ship and to fire all weaponry. Its chair supports SPINE connections and also has two joysticks for manual operation.

This station is usually manned by the ship's captain through the captain's chair.

Systems and Safety Monitoring

This station monitors the interior of the ship, making sure all components are operating within normal conditions. The safety station is often used for damage control, since it can easily pinpoint systems failures and internal damage. The safety station can also be used to oversees countermeasures against intruders. The station is notable for its large diagram of the ship.

The Combined Field System is crucial; it serves as the ship's propulsion, its shielding, its stealth, and more. In order to maximize its effectiveness, it is necessary to strike a balance between its various aspects. The Combined Field System station allows a controller to monitor, adjust, and attempt repair on the ship's field. While typically not manned during normal operation, it is critical to man this station during combat.

Mission Operations

Used for mission planning and monitoring of away missions and power armor missions, and for intelligence gathering and research.

Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinets on either side of the bridge are generally filled with emergency supplies such as environmental suits, medical kits, tool kits, and weapons. They can also be equipped with refrigerators and microwaves. There are 36 total storage units.

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