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Wiki Namespaces

Namespaces are DokuWiki's equivalent to folders. They are used to categorize and organize the wiki.

Approved Namespaces

This is a list of most of the approved namespaces for Star Army. If you're not sure about these, ask Wes for help.

  • Art
    • Art:Gallery: (Art galleries)
  • By_License
    • Creative Commons (content used by Star Army under CC license)
    • Pixabay
    • Public_Domain (For PD works only)
  • Calendar (OOC events and site history - for IC events use Timeline)
  • Characters:
    • Characters:NDC:
    • Characters:Nepleslia:
    • Characters:Yamatai:
  • Comics (For webcomics)
  • Corp (For businesses and corporations)
  • Faction (For factions like nations and government-like organizations)
    • abwehran_star_empire
    • nepleslia
    • united_outer_colonies
    • yamatai
  • Glossary (Definitions, terms, and jargon)
  • Guide (How-to guides for members)
  • Guns (Firearms and ammunition)
  • Language (For languages used in the Star Army setting)
  • Materials
  • NSFW: Content not suitable for public display, e.g. boobs
  • Places (for any specific location, for example a city)
  • Planet (for planets only)
  • Plot
  • Random_generators
  • Species (for species)
  • Starships (for specific starships, not starship classes)
  • System (for star systems only)
  • Templates (Wiki templates)
  • Timeline
    • Events
  • ui (Buttons and icons for the wiki - mainly for use by staff)
  • user (for SARP member pages only)
  • WIP (Works-in-progress, special folder for unfinished/approved pages)

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