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Creating Wiki Pages

If at any point you wish to test your wiki skills, without causing damage to anything serious, you can go play in the Sandbox. All works-in-progress should go in the WIP: namespace.

You can also ask people in the Discord chat for help.

Creating A Wiki Page

The easiest way is to edit in a link to the page you want to create and then save the page and click the link you made. That'll go to a “This page doesn't exist yet” page for your link you just made. Click “Create this page” and create it. You can also just type in something like stararmy:Type 36 Starship Railgun in the search box to set the page location to stararmy:type_36_starship_railgun.

Make sure to add a ====== Header ====== to title your page - it'll determine how the link appears on pages that link to it. See the steps below:

  1. Edit a link into an appropriate related page (for instance, you could place a link to a new setting item into the WIP)
  2. Follow that (red) link
  3. Click “Create This Page”
  4. Type up the page.
    • For help with the basic text formatting, look here: Text Formatting.
    • For help with the creation, formatting and editing of tables, look here: Tables.
    • For help with the creation, formatting and editing of links, look here: Links.
    • For help with the creation, formatting and editing of images, look here: Images.
    • For help with structuring your page through different sizes of text, look here: Sectioning.
    • For help with the creation, formatting and editing of lists, look here: Lists.
    • If you're creating a technology or new setting element, see Submission Rules.
    • If you're creating a starship, see Creating a Starship or Power Armor
    • If you're creating a new species, see Faction.
    • If you're creating a character, see Creating a Character and/or read the section below.
  5. Hit preview to see what your page will look like. If you notice errors, fix them before saving (don't save dozens of edits in a row!).
  6. Save the wiki page when you're done.
  • Creating and altering links is incredibly easy, once you know how…
  • Find the page you wish to link to. Look at its URL, which will look something like this:
  • You see where it says id= in the URL? Well, everything after id= is what you need to link to the page.
  • Find where in the code for your page you wish the link to be.
  • Enter the information from the target page URL. From my example, that would be 'characters:takasugi_ryoko'. Now, add a pair of square brackets either side, so that it looks like this:
  • Click on 'Preview'. You will now find the link you have just created - if you have entered the correct information, it will show up as pink. If something is wrong, it will show as orange. Sometimes, you will link to a page for which the URL looks like:
  • Note that unlike the previous URL, there is no ':'. If you have an orange link and you have entered the correct page name, the odds are that you need to insert the colon. So, for example, to correctly link to the list of planets, you would enter:
  • Finally, you may not wish for the link to show its default self. You can make your link to say anything you like, without altering the target page by adding a vertical divider,'|' and then entering the text you want the link to show. For example, let us say that i wanted to link to the Star Army of Yamatai page, but i wanted the link to say 'SAoY', then i would enter the following:
  • Once you are happy with your links and any changes you have made, remember to click on 'Save'!

Adding Character Portraits

  • For the rules governing the use of image uploads, look here.
  • If you are like most people, you will want an ultra-cool portrait to showcase your character to the visitors to your page. You can use the 'Add images and other files' tool in the control panel to the top left of the code panel to upload your image. In the popup window that appears, select the 'character' folder in the left panel and then upload your image. Once the image is uploaded, clicking on it in the right panel will automatically add the link to your wiki code and you can then proceed to customise it further.
  • Alternatively, you can use a piece of the anonymous artwork, found here. To use the anonymous character art, click on the 'Add images and other files' tool in the control panel to the top left of the code panel. In the new window that will appear, select the 'character' folder in the left panel, then the 'anonymous' sub-folder. Simply click on whichever piece of anonymous art you wish to use and your wiki page will be linked to the image.

Tips & Tricks

  • If the code panel is cramping your style, or you get fed up of scrolling up and down, you can always right click, select 'Select All', right click again and select 'Copy' and then in any text-editing program of your choice, right click and select 'Paste'. Once you are done writing your wiki code in your text editor, just reverse the process to copy the code to your wiki page code panel.

Key Points

  • If you see a mistake in any entry (such as a typo), correct it.
  • If a page needs to be added, add it.
  • Eliminate red links by creating articles, even if they're small and basic.
  • Only canon information (approved submissions and roleplayed events) should be added (excluding stuff linked from the list of unapproved concepts).
  • Do not put any copyrighted stuff that you don't own into the wiki.
  • Mark unapproved pages as unapproved.
  • All entries should be titled (with the title in H1).
  • Never start a page with a bulleted list. Use a complete sentence.
  • Keep alphabetical lists in order!
  • Be specific.
  • Add links to other articles when possible. Almost every proper noun can be a link.
  • Create articles inside the appropriate name space (folder) instead of the root folder.
  • Please don't use second-person language in informational articles (it's alright in OOC instructions).

See also: Wiki Namespaces

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