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Moving Wiki Pages

This guide will help you move pages in the wiki.


I have a wiki page in the wrong namespace or want to move (for example, out of WIP:). How do I move my page?

Note: Page titles are set by the first header in a page and should generally match the page name/URL.


Use the “rename page” icon on the right side of the page when browsing from a PC or laptop. The icon looks like a paint roller.

If you are on a phone the only way is via the admin panel so just ask Wes to move it (send him a conversation message on the forum or a direct message on Discord).

To move images, ask Wes to move them via a forum conversation (PM).

Redirecting to the New Location

Wes can set up redirects from the old URL to the new URL. It is highly recommended that you send him a list of the moved pages after moving pages so he can update the list of redirects. The format used is:

namespace:old_page1 namespace:new_page1
namespace:old_page2 namespace:new_page2

Redirects are not required or used for WIP pages, which are not public.

Old method

This method works, too, but is no longer recommended as it does not keep the page edit history and is a lot more work.

  1. cut all the text from the old page (save it as empty to delete the page) and then
  2. paste it into the new page and save (To create a new page, see: Creating Wiki Pages).
  3. After that, update all the backlinks for the original page by editing the pages that link to it. The backlinks list is linked as a chain link icon floating to the right of each wiki page.

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