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The Struct plugin is a powerful plugin that adds structured data to the wiki. Pages can be tagged with data (for example a character page can be tagged with data for their date of birth).

Struct is hugely useful because it allows us to display aggregated data for pages, for example a table of all characters on a starship. Because the lists are pulled from sources like character pages, any update to the character's page will automatically be reflected on the tables and lists that reference it. That saves us an enormous amount of wiki editing time. Making an automated struct table is also way less work than manually making a table in Dokuwiki's native syntax and you only need to do it once.

Star Army implemented the use of the struct plugin in December 2020. Since then most lists such as places and products have been migrated to sortable, filterable struct versions to make information easier to find.


The basics are:

  • Data is stored as schemas, which can be assigned to Wiki Namespaces
  • Data is stored on a page (e.g. character bio) or globally (not attached to a page)
  • Struct data can be presented as a table or list and also or as individual items on pages
  • You'll need to specify which schema and columns to show (see below)
  • Results can be filtered to show what you need, such as showing only characters assigned to your ship

If you have permission, you can usually edit data directly from the table by double-clicking the cell.

You'll find documentation and the schemas that Star Army currently uses below. Pages for each schema may also have code examples.


Current Schemas

Star Army's wiki has multiple schemas. The main ones are detailed below:

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