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Star Army's Staff

Star Army's staff comprises four departments that each perform important functions:

  1. Administration & Technology
  2. Community
  3. Content & Setting
  4. Roleplaying

Note: For the staff-only section of the wiki, see: Staff Area

Administration & Technology

The Administration & Technology Departments keeps the forums and wiki functional, secure, and updated. They have access to β€œbehind the scenes” workings of the forum, wiki, and site and are able to perform tasks like setting up user groups, creating forums, and installing software updates. Additionally, the admin department handles the community's financial and legal affairs.

Director of Administration & Technology: Wes (Site founder)

Includes: Administrators, Wiki Administrators


Community Managers grow, build, and engage the Star Army community by using {resources} to make the site an active, entertaining, and comfortable place to hang out online.

  • Events
    • Contests
    • Giveaways
    • Holidays
  • Manage Reports
  • Defuse Conflicts

Director of Community: Wes

Includes: Global Moderators

Content & Setting

Content Moderators create, review, and update wiki content.

Includes: Setting Submissions Moderators, Wiki Superusers

Directors of Content: Wes, Andrew


Roleplaying is what this community is built around. Roleplay mentors engage with players to ensure everyone is included in stories and RP.

Game Masters are part of the Roleplaying department.

Director of Roleplay: Demibear

Includes: Character Submission Moderators

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