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Cranth Munitions and Services

Company Statistics
Established YE 32
Employees 7
Associated Factions Independent
Headquarters N/A
Nomenclature ID CR-, CMS-, or CRA-

Mission Statement

Cranth Munitions and Services strives to provide designs and products of the highest quality for their purpose at a reasonable price, while maintaining a decent amount of profit. In a constantly changing world, the goal is simply to give the consumers what they want, without concealing anything or shorting them.


Cranth Munitions is a brand new intellectual rights company. Essentially a front through which the only owner and investor can bargain with other companies and organizations. At the current time, the company deals in the intellectual rights to certain designs and ideas created by Samuel Weber. All of the work he does is currently aboard his personal ship, a Ge-F6-1A - Light Freighter, which he has customized to have a workable tech lab in the cargo bay. In YE 34, Sam decided to expand his operations to things outside of military pieces, and picked up a pair of new designers to work on that angle.


Samuel plans to gather enough money (either through sales of the rights to produce his designs, or through his current job) to open up an actual production line of his own, allowing him to do at least small scale production for sale, rather than just prototype models and the like. Ideally, he would like to move into a small starbase of his own, and run a business from there, but that is nothing but a distant dream at this point.


In Progress


Balance Addition Subtraction Reason
67,000 KS
260,000 KS 193,000 KS Year's profits

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