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Chat Guide

Star Army has a chatroom for discussion of the roleplaying setting and community, where we can interact in real-time and mentor new players in joining the community. You can find the link to the chat on the top of the forum, or click here: Chat

The chat room is part of the forum, so you'll want to log into the forum to use it. Depending on conditions, the chat may or may not have guest posting enabled. Even when it's available, it only shows your name as β€œguest” unless you're logged in, so we encourage you to register/log in.

Chat Rules

Welcome to the STAR ARMY Community Discord Server

Discord moderation is conducted on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the server owner (Wes) and his appointed staff members. While we provide rules and expectations below, the list does not and cannot cover every case explicitly and staff may revoke access to any user who is aggressive, dramatic, or otherwise disrupts the positive experience Star Army wishes to provide. Severe violations on the community Discord server can also result in bans on other Star Army systems (forums, wiki, etc).

In addition to any guidelines provided by Star Army, all users must abide by the Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines:

If you do not agree to these rules you are not permitted to participate on this server and are asked to leave.

This is an English-language server. Content which the moderators are unable to read will be deleted.


1. Be respectful and mature. Do not harass, threaten, insult, stalk, or make personal attacks on other users.

2. Use channels as indicated by their names and channel descriptions

3. Do not spam links, invites, excessive pings, repetitive messages, etc.

4. Do not discuss illegal or sketchy activities such as illegal file-sharing or substance abuse

5. Explicit content is only permitted in NSFW channels - for access connect your NSFW-enabled forum account

6. Don't start drama, stir the pot, troll, sow discord, or be overly negative

7. Avoid IRL politics and other β€œhot button” topics likely to cause arguments

8. No racism, sexism, or hate. This is a GLBTQ-friendly community.

9. Profanity is tolerated in small, occasional amounts only when not directed at someone (oh shit!).

10. Do not get into public arguments with staff members over rule enforcement

To report violations ping @staff or contact an online staff member in DMs.


1. Any person or character of unclear age or a gray area will be deleted to err on the side of caution. Obvious violations will be reported to Discord Trust & Safety and will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

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