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Breaker Automatic Burst Rifle

The Breaker Automatic Burst Rifle is an assault rifle sold to the civilian market as a mid-range assault rifle for personal defense and hunting. It is lightweight, and features rails to accommodate multiple accessories and customization.

Weapon Specifications

Recommended Price: 500 KS

Nomenclature Information

  • Designer/Manufacturer: Cranth Munitions and Services
  • Name: Breaker Automatic Burst Rifle, Breaker ABR
  • Type: Gas-operated, Selective Fire Rifle
  • Role: Assault Rifle, Marksman Rifle
  • Length: 46โ€œ
  • Barrel Length: 32โ€
  • Mass: 7.4lbs/3.36kg
  • ROF: 300 rpm
  • Damage Rating: DR 2

Firing Mechanism

The Breaker operates using a short-stroke gas system, with a closed bolt.

Ammunition Description

Ammunition type: 7.62 x 51mm Ketsurui Zaibatsu Effective Range 400 Meters. Maximum Range: 800 Meters. Muzzle Velocity: 2800 FPS Muzzle Blast: Small flash. Firing Mode: Semi-automatic, 3-round Burst Recoil: Moderate to Heavy recoil. Can safely be fired from the hip, but accuracy degrades as the weapon is less braced. Ammo: 22 in magazine Damage Rating: Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel

Weapon Mechanisms

Safety: Ambidextrous toggle above trigger. Fire Mode Selector: S(emi-automatic), B(urst), L(ocked) Weapon Sight: Standard three-prong iron sights, with rails for attaching scopes in addition. Attachment Hard Points: Rails along the sides of the barrel, along with a short under-slung rail (meant only for smaller attachments) and scope attachment point.


Field Maintenance Procedure: Wipe and clean after every mission, taking care to scrub the barrel down and all moving parts, especially bolt, barrel and recoil spring.

Additional Information

Replaceable Parts and Components

  • Extra Barrel (60 KS)
  • Trigger mechanism (75 KS)
  • Cured and sealed wood grip components (40 KS)
  • Extra-padded Stock Base (15 KS)

Additional Ammo

  • Case of 64 rounds (30 KS)
  • Box of 320 rounds (125 KS)


  • 1.5-3×35 Variable Zoom Telescopic Sight (65 KS)
  • 1-4×40 Variable Zoom Telescopic Sight (70 KS)
  • 3-9×45 Variable Zoom Telescopic Sight (80 KS)
  • 4×35 Telescopic Sight (35 KS)
  • 2×25 Telescopic Sight (25 KS)
  • Red-dot sight (can be attached with any of the standard telescopic sights as well) (30 KS)


  • Traditional rifle sling (15 KS)
  • Single-Point Combat sling (20 KS)
  • Three-Point sling (35 KS)
  • Carry Case, room for four magazines, plus one in rifle (80 KS)
  • Custom-tooled black leather belt, with slots for up to four magazines (50 KS)
  • Magazine (10 KS)
  • Double Stack Magazine (15 KS)
  • Flash Suppressor (150 KS)
  • Sound Suppressor (150 KS)
  • Full Suppression Kit (250 KS)
  • Flashlight (10 KS)
  • Laser Sight (20 KS)

OOC Information

Unable to find original creation date, but was submitted by Aendri on 2010/11/6.

  • This was approved by Wes on 2010/11/071).
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesweapons: rifles
Product NameBreaker Automatic Burst Rifle
ManufacturerCranth Munitions and Services
Year ReleasedYE 34
Price (KS)500.00 KS
DR v3 maxTier 2
Mass (kg)3.36 kg

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