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Wasp LSSR-01a

The Wasp Light Scout Sniper Rifle is an attempt to create a versatile, easy-to-produce yet effective tool for snipers in their efforts to more accurately find and eliminate targets with a minimum of collateral damage or issues. It was intended to be cheap, yet effective, and easy to transport, making it good for lone snipers/sniper teams without infantry or armor support.


The Wasp was released in YE 32.


  • Purpose: Anti-Armor, Anti-Personnel
  • Damage: Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel to Tier 4, Light Anti-Armor
  • Effective Range 2,000-3,000 meters
  • Payload 24 rounds loaded into a double-loaded box magazine

Detailed Information

Cranth LSSR-01a

Designer/Manufacturer: Cranth Munitions and Services

(Suggested) Price: 1,200 DA

Nomenclature Information

Type: LSSR-01a - Railgun based

Model: LSSR-01a - Original model of the rifle, basis for any further development of rifles.

Role: The main role of the rifle is for anti-personnel use, eliminating high-value targets without carrying around a heavy rifle. It has extremely limited anti-armor use, not being a heavy enough hitter to be an effective counter to PAs.

Length: 163cm/64.17in long Barrel Length: 98cm/38.58in long Munitions: .300 Cranth Magnum Mass: 10.6kg/23.4lbs unloaded, 11.1kg/24.4lbs when loaded. Maximum Range: 6,000m Muzzle Velocity: 4,000 m/s Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic (Bolt-action available) Recoil: Mid-range. Easy to deal with if placed with a bipod. Can safely and accurately be fired from any position without fear of self-injury.

Discharge Information

Ammunition Types:

  • Standard - Grey tipped - Simple jacketed round, no caveats. Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel
  • Armor Piercing - Blue tipped - Full metal jacket boat-tail round specifically designed for Match purposes. Tungsten penetrator cap with copper jacketed steel core. Tier 4, Light Anti-Armor
  • Tracer - Green tipped - Almost the same as the standard rounds, with a Triethylborane filled base. Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel

Firing Mechanism: Semi-automatic railgun firing systems. Has a built in refire limiter to prevent the user from accidentally overheating the gun.

Weapon Mechanisms

Fire mode selectors & Safeties: Located above and behind the trigger, ambidextrous. Two options - S(Safe), and F(Fire).

Weapon sights: Has steel ring sights. Primarily meant for use with an attached scope of some sort, mounted via ambidextrous rails.

Maintenance Information

Field Maintenance Procedure: Easily broken down into three parts, the barrel, the stock, and the firing/loading mechanism. Has pressure based releases, and is designed to be carried, or broken down and stored, never stored whole. If necessary, the firing mechanism can be broken down for cleaning in the field, though this requires knowledge of how it is put together.

Replaceable Parts and components: Any of the parts can be replaced with similar, match-grade parts at any time. Function is improved if all of the components are manufactured together and matched as one rather then put together piecemeal.

Additional Information

Because of the highly unstable nature of the material used in the tracer rounds, they must be stored in a secured case, with a regulated temperature. To this end, the magazines all come with a sealed cover for the tops.

The carry case designed to fit the rifle is designed with this feature in mind, having built in climate control and full vacuum seals.

To better prevent wear and heat damage to the gun, the frame itself is made of durandium, while the rails are made of a newer material, Boreanium.

Additional Information


  • Bipod - 50ks
  • Sling - 20ks
  • Dedicated carrying case - 500ks, 50ks if purchased with tracer rounds
  • Spare magazines - 10ks (standard), 15ks (AP/Tracer)
  • Box of ammunition (240 rounds) - 95ks(standard), 140ks (AP/Tracer)
  • Standard 4×40 scope - 40ks
  • Twin zoom (3-12×40 or 6-12×55) scope - 70ks
  • Milspec (3-22×45 variable) scope - 110ks

OOC Information

This page was made by Aendri on 2014/04/16 16:01.

  • This was approved by Samuel on 2010/8/51).
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Product Categoriesweapons: rifles
Product NameWasp LSSR-01a
ManufacturerCranth Munitions and Services
Year ReleasedYE 32
Price (KS)600.00 KS

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