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Star Army Standard Life Support Systems

These standard life support systems are found on most ships in the Star Army of Yamatai. They were most recently updated in YE 41. A second refit was made to the standard system in YE 43 to include support for the Nodal Liquid Conduit System that was released in YE 43.

Star Army Standard Life Support Systems
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Designer Ketsurui Fleet Yards
Nomenclature Type 43
Manufacturer Ketsurui Fleet Yards. Yugumo Corporation
Fielded by Star Army of Yamatai
Type of Product KFY Starship Systems and Parts
Production Mass Production

Upgrades from previous designs for existing starships can be done at any Iori-Class Star Fortress, Zodiac-Class Star Fortress or other Star Army Bases with shipyard facilities (Including Yugumo Corporation operated Ketsurui Fleet Yards facilities in the Yugumo Cluster). They will be implemented on all future Star Army Starship Classes.

About and History of Star Army Standard Life Support Systems

Since the dawn of space exploration, the challenge of producing effective systems to maintain habitat onboard ships has presented itself. Over the years the Star Army of Yamatai and the Corporations that supply it has produced gradual improvements to these fundamental systems.

In YE 41, engineers at the Yugumo Corporation ran Ketsurui Fleet Yards facility at Gemini Star Fortress furthered these processes with the development of aetheric vapor capture technology and improvements to the overall life support system on Star Army of Yamatai ships and bases. The use of Scalable Graviton Beam Projector Array to capture asteroids composed of water ice were also implemented.

In YE 42 the Nodal Liquid Conduit System refit was applied to the older Hemosynthetic Conduit System, so in YE 43 while most main line ships received updates to the new system, their Standard Life Support Systems were included in that update. Dr.Shinichiro Tomoko a hemosynthologist was brought into the design process to make these minor updates.

YE 43 Refit Changelog

These minor changes were made in YE 43.

Water System

Water is one of the most basic yet important resources needed for life to function normally on Star Army Ships.

Water Sources

Star Army Starship Classes replenish their Water supply by various collection methods:

Aetheric Vapor Capture System

The equation for the production of water from mixing oxygen and hydrogen creates and requires a large amount of energy. Turbo Aether Plasma Drive utilized for propulsion on Star Army Starship Classes functions by way of accelerating aetheric plasma through a subspace acceleration tunnel. It was noticed that inner stages of the engine, where atmosphere had been vented, the design developed condensation on the inside of fittings that vaporized due to the intense heat of the plasma. Engineers discovered that this vapor could be captured and treated (reverse osmosis to remove radioactivity) through the ship's filtration and purification system to produce potable water.

The system was further expanded in YE 41 when engineers building Star Army Starship Classes for the Re-establishment of the First Expeditionary Fleet tested the introduction of hydrogen and oxygen from the ship's Matter Collection System into the upper chamber of the engine design on purpose, the controlled subspace tunnel environment made the micro-explosions controllable so that more vapor could be collected from the system without any negative impacts on the Turbo Aether Plasma Drive engines. The system is also deployable in the Multi-Stage Aether Drive.


Vessels equipped with Scalable Graviton Beam Projector Array are able to capture and break up asteroids rich in water ice. The fragments are able to be brought onboard to be melted and passed through the filtration and purification systems.

Planetary Sources

Planets with liquid or frozen Water can be harvested to replenish the onboard water supply. Common practices involve landing in water or using tankers to haul water from planetary surfaces back to the ship.


Water is also collected and purified from the Atmospheric System and other waste treatment systems onboard.

Filtration and Purification

Water collected from all sources is intensely filtered and purified by using hemosynthetic filters (part of the Hemosynthetic Conduit System) in multiple stages and finalized through reverse osmosis.

In YE 43, the hemosynthetic filters were modified as part of the Nodal Liquid Conduit System which enhanced the use of femtomachinery in hemosynth to remove impurities from the water. Femtomechanical filtration removes impurities and uses that collected molecular waste in other parts of the Nodal Liquid Conduit System like the Universal Hemosynthetic Fabrication System Type 43.

Atmospheric System

The breathable atmosphere on Star Army Starship Classes is produced through electrolysis of Water as well as any molecular oxygen collected by the ship's Matter Collection System. It is maintained and purified by carbon dioxide scrubbers and hemosynthetic filters that are located in each compartment or section of the ship as part of the Hemosynthetic Conduit System. After YE 43 this application was then taken over by the Nodal Liquid Conduit System.

Emergency Life Support

The life support on Star Army Starship Classes is built in double redundancy; meaning for each section there are life support systems there is a second present that serves as an independent backup. Life support systems are generally found in Star Army Standard Life Support Room. Capacitor systems have been installed to provide limited life support during low power and no power situations.

On ships equipped with Star Army Fabrication Chambers, they can be utilized in a pinch to create limited amounts of Water and atmosphere. They can also process waste for recycling.

To preserve life during catastrophic failures of this system, Star Army Starship Classes have been provided with Star Army Environmental Suit, Type 28 (AMES).

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Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass E - PARTS AND COMPONENTS
First UsedYE 43
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriessubsystems, survival
Product NameStar Army Standard Life Support Systems
NomenclatureType 43
ManufacturerKetsurui Fleet Yards
Year ReleasedYE 43

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