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Star Army Standard Life Support Room

The Life Support room on Star Army of Yamatai vessels is a restricted area and is where the Ge-C1-V3300 - Life Support System (SAOY) is housed. Personnel only go into the room to inspect and service the equipment.

A standard door opens in the room. The room is filled with the atmospheric and water handling systems. A standard console is near the entrance used by the crew to check the status of the systems including the gravity controls. Typically the room is divided with one half dedicated to the air system, and the other half to the water system.

The size of the room varies, on small ships the room takes up only one level, or may be combined with engineering on the smallest ships. On larger ships the life support room can span multiple levels with catwalks allowing the technicians to move among the machines to service them. On space stations and star fortresses there tend to be multiple Life Support installations.

A pair of manual Fire Extinguisher 🧯s are mounted on the walls, and a cabinet is present with replacement parts, and cleaning supplies. The room is also equipped with Star Army Fire Suppression System, Type 32 or equivalent. The console has a standard ship's intercom station.

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