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Vincent O'Malley

Vincent is the gargantuan ID-Sol who currently has managed to find his way into the ranks of the ISC Phoenix.

Vincent O'Malley
Species: ID-SOL
Gender: Male
Age: 22 (Looks to be in his late thirties/early forties)
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 7'3“
Weight: 285 lbs, 11 oz
Hair Color: Black/Blonde
Eyes: Varies
Identiying Mark(s): Physical size, small scar under chin, Ram Tattoo on palm of hand
Organization ISC Phoenix
Rank 3 Spades
Occupation Heavy Infantry Support/Demolitions Expert
Current Placement ISC Phoenix
Voice Ron Perlman

Physical Appearance

Build and Skin Colour: He is typical of an ID-Sol, with gargantuan muscles and huge measurments, with a small neck and dis-proportionately large shoulders. He has rather dark skin, but he is recognizeably white.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: O'Malley has a pair of cybernetic eyes maintained to an almost religious shine. They are capable of changing colors on O'Malley's will, but they are most commonly seen as a typical blue. His face sports a small scar on the underside of his chin from being whacked with a knuckle-duster.

Hair Colour and Style: O'Malley wears his greasy black/blonde hair cut close enough to his head that it appears to be stubble, but is still tangible and quite visible.

Distinguishing Features: O'Malley possesses a small tattoo on the palm of his hand of a ram's skull.

Psychological Characteristics


Beneath his typical 'big guy is a dumb-dumb'-looking exterior, Vincent has unfathomed depth and intelligence that far surpasses the stereotypes of most ID-Sols. His time in the Nepleslian Star Army gave him a decent amount of discipline, namely enough to keep him from ripping the head off his enemies. He is significantly lacking in the personality department, however, unable to express emotions beyond calm detachment and blinding rage (e.g compassion, humor), and mostly communicates in threatening low grunts of varying tones conveying his current level of hostility. He is learning slowly, however, gaining a biting sense of sarcasm and a sense of camaraderie with his crewmates that he had long since thought lost.

Likes: Weapons, everything that goes boom, cybernetics, food, violence, his crewmates.

Dislikes: Yamatai (namely Nekovalkyrja), the SMX, and everything except the above and Nepleslia.

Goals: Survive. Simple enough.


Vincent was 'born' in the custody of the Reds. However, he somehow managed to disobey the Reds after witnessing a battle of the opposing factions, the Greens, against the reds. In a brutal display of his most primal instincts, Vincent made his way out of the Red Army and managed to somehow get enlisted into the green army. However, soon after, his mutinous nature soon showed through.

When he became bored with his tenure aboard the Green ship he had enlisted upon, the following day a shuttle was slated as 'missing' along with Vincent. He recently made his way to Botany Bay, where he found the Last Star. However, after about three minutes; the crowd wasn't what he thought to be his forte. So he loaded up his shuttle and returned to Nepleslia, landing on Funky City. Now, he has his eyes set on a new target- Luca Pavone.

Cleaning up the Base

Vincent pitched in as the Phoenix crew's resident pack-mule and a small role as the group's welder, helping to assemble the beds and lockers, and spot-welding the gate hinges into place. The group, Vincent included, where he was almost immediately re-introduced into action.



Vincent's brutality in combat is immense and almost frightening, often having him tear enemies limb from limb with his bare hands with a frightening brutality (He can crush a regular-sized Nekovalkyrja's skull with one hand). Putting him in the cockpit of a power armor only improves his barbaric, frightening combat ability.


Assuming that Vincent is almost solid muscle, his ID-Sol physical ability is augmented by his natural running speed and jumping height. Vincent can bench-press almost 250 pounds, run a quarter mile in 1 minute flat and jump 1 meter in the air from a standstill. He can punch with almost 200 foot-pounds of force, and 350 foot-pounds of kicking force don't exactly hinder his performance either.

Rogue (Intimidation)

If his sheer physical stature wasn't enough to frighten someone, his cold and detached manner and almost nonchalant ability to kill anyone he feels like at any given moment sure will. Chances are that if Vincent wants some information, he'd be able to get it without trying to hurt anyone. Not that he wouldn't hurt them anyways. In recent times, for some unknown reason, this motivation to threaten, intimidate and generally make people uncomfortable has become an almost drug-like itch for Vincent, and whenever the opportunity presents itself he enacts violence upon others while on a mission, usually in the most visceral, non-viewer-friendly way possible.


With enhanced metabolism, people often get their kicks out of watching Vincent drink normally incapacitating amounts of alcohol. It has come forward that Vincent also has a good baritone (although he doesn't really sing) and has a very deadpan, dark sense of humor.


If it ticks, goes boom and can be used to blow things up, Vincent can probably make it, set it up, defuse it and use it to blow holes through walls and kill stuff. Vincent takes a certain degree of pride in his ability to make things go boom and shower pretty lights all over everything, referring to it as “his art form” in that some people write, others paint, Vincent makes things explode loudly and vibrantly.

Vehicles (Civilian)

If Vincent can see a car or other civilian vehicle, chances are he can drive it if someone else can hotwire it. Once he's behind the wheel; though, passengers might want to hold on. His aggressive personality and hardwired instincts, combined with his combat style preferences, can make for an extremely dangerous and bumpy ride.


When Vincent is outclassed in hand-to-hand combat and disarmed, the hulking mercenary can apply common-sense engineering to his situation. He knows how to take at least 200 different household appliances and combine them into potentially lethal weapons.



  • 2 Long pullover shirts, red, rank patches on shoulder pads and nameplate (Sleeves ripped off below the shoulder)
  • 4 pairs underwear, grey (One pair has a hole in the ass)
  • 3 khaki cargo pants, built-in foam knee pads (One has a hole in the ass)
  • 2 oversized pairs of gray cargo pants
  • 1 pair of boots, black leather
  • 1 Duster, Tan (Has a hole in the back)
  • 1 Nepleslian Military bomber jacket, brown leather w/ sheepskin collar. The patches are threadbare and falling off the coat, and there's a large knife-hole in the left breast.
  • 1 Ballistics Mesh Vest
  • 1 Red bandanna
  • 1 Red Army uniform (Has a large gash in the collarbone-pecs and several smaller ones around the upper back, lower back and gut)
  • 1 Light ballistics-retardant combat suit (Similarly damaged as the Red Army uniform and cargo pants)
  • Emrys Industries “Wind” Armor Suit w/ Gust panels

Weapons, Weapon Accessories

  • 1 Pistol belt, black, with holster
  • 2 Quick-draw holsters, brown, attached to the black pistol belt
  • 1 load-bearing harness, olive drab, with two affixed chest holsters, integrated rifle holster
  • 1 tactical thigh holster, with gun compartment, ammunition pockets and optional loop for knife or melee weapon
  • The Survivor, a Zen Armaments .45 Caliber Pistol, semi-automatic. It is nicked and scratched, and the grip is worn down to an almost perfectly smooth contour.
  • * 2 magazines .45 FMJ, 4 magazines .45 HP.
  • The Equalizers, two HHG "High Hybrid Guns", hammer-driven, .45 Magnum. Two silver HHGs with custom, contoured lacquered oak handles.
  • * 4 Half-Moon Clips FMJ, 6 Full-Moon clips HP.
  • The Raging Bulls, two Lorath hand cannons. Blued steel barrel with extra-large oak handles (brass-butted).
  • * 4 Full-Moon clips.
  • Stolen Beauty, a Nekovalkyrja Burst Automatic Rifle. Standard-issue with the Hinomaru viciously scratched out.
  • * Four BR-100 Battery packs.
  • “Vera”, a “Deviance” Shotgun-Chaingun
  • * 6000 16-Gage 00 rounds (stored in three, 2000-round-each backpacks)
  • The Beatin' Stick, an oak baseball bat. It seems mysteriously heavy… Also has a length of black cloth tied around it as a sling.
  • GBKDT5000 (aka “Goddamn Big Kill-Death-Tron 5000”), a "Finagle's Revenge" Recoilless Rifle obtained on Drift. It's just… Huge. Why does Vincent need such a big gun? He's a staunch supporter of Finagle's Law.
  • * 12 “Best Wishes” rounds, 8 “A Friendly Hello” rounds


The Junker

A Modified Nepleslian Army Supply Shuttle that has been used by Vincent for roughly two months. Unarmed, capacity for eight infantrymen (minus pilot) and 6 crates of cargo (And, more recently, two passengers and an airbike). Nicknamed the Junker because of its hodge-podge, patchwork mess of hasty repairs to the external hull amounting from the burnt-out husks of older ships, mostly civilian. Stores a fairly large amount of paraphernalia and junk Vincent hasn't had the heart to space. Among the paraphernalia:

  • His Star Army of Nepleslia ID Card
  • A few drawings and pictures from space
  • a few loose pictures of himself from the Reds and (later) the Greens
  • His Red Star Army uniform
  • 10-gallon keg half-full of ale

More recently, the Junker is planned to have a visual upgrade to get rid of the trashy, hobo-ish look of the exterior. Vincent plans to paint the exterior black with a red stripe around the nose and maybe install a small laser cannon in the nose.

As Vincent has been wounded for a while, his limbs recovering from an accident, Vincent has puttered around for a while, stripping down the inventory of the vessel, throwing out trash (including most of his pictures and drawings and the ale) and given the vessel a thorough dressing-down, along with some re-routed power that allows him to increase the vessel's STL speed and overall maneuverability. He has compensated this by redistributing armor plates across the ship of the vessel, leaving some of the engine equipment unshielded in order to increase


Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Money
1800 KS -1200 Gauss Rifle
21.800 KS+20.000 Mission 4 Payment
36.800 KS+15.000 Mission 5 Payment
26.775 KS -10,025WIND Suit and Pants
16.675 KS -10,100Gust armor panels, Deviance and ammunition
19.225 KS+2500 Bounty
18.640 KS ???
17.307 KS -1333 KSSiZi Plasma Revolver (Used)
8807 KS -8500Finagle's Revenge and Ammo
8207 KS -500Parts for Echelon
Character Data
Character NameVincent O'Malley
Character OwnerLegix
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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