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SiZi Model 30 Condensed Plasma Revolver

The SiZi Model 30 Condensed Plasma Revolver was a handheld weapon. Sitanin Zbrojovka Unlimited ceased its production in YE 33.

SiZi Model 30 Condensed Plasma Revolver

The Model 30 is a power-armor killer. Its projectile can put holes in old tanks, and wreck some power armors with a single shot. Its recoil reduces its effectiveness in battle, but at close range it is deadly to armored targets.


Manufacturer Sitanin Zbrojovka Unlimited
Type pistol; single action.
Length (whole; barrel) 266.7mm; 165.1mm
Height 145mm
Width (grip) 50mm
Weight 987g
Durability 2 ASP
Range (max; accurate) 250m; 165m
Damage Tier 3, Heavy Anti-Personnel (an Tier 5 or Tier 6, Medium Anti-Armor or Heavy Anti-Armor (FIXME: Staff needs to determine which) cartridge is available for armor armor use only)
Capacity 6 condensed plasma cartridges with enough fuel for 2 shots per shell
Rate of Fire approx 15 rounds per minute (lower or higher depending on the firer’s proficiency)
Price 700 KS

Condensed Plasma Cartridge

The condensed plasma cartridge is an approximately 10x44mm cylinder containing, comparative to its size, a large amount of plasma energy. The cartridge was designed by the Geshrin gunsmith and Yamataian expatriate, Fiolina Jilad, to harness the raw power displayed in earlier plasma pistols and perfect it into a more manageable and wieldy format when fired from a weapon. The development process of the CPC produced a relatively high-powered cartridge that can deliver its payload accurately for long distances given the class of weapon it was designed for.

The SiZi Model 30

Also designed by Fiolina Jilad, the Model 30 CPR is the first platform designed to utilize the new condensed plasma cartridge. At just over ten inches long and weighing slightly more than two pounds, the CPR is a hefty, solid-feeling weapon. Cartridges are loaded into a revolving, cylindrical magazine, which is attached to the weapon’s frame, one-by-one through a swinging door on the right side of the hammer. This internal magazine, called a cylinder, can hold six rounds. When the hammer makes contact with the cartridge’s activation site, half of its energy is expelled through the barrel. The half-spent round is rotated out-of-battery by the next cocking of the hammer, and the cylinder is rotated to the next cartridge, allowing the recently-fired round to air-cool from the super-heated state it is left in after firing.

To eject the rounds, open the door on the right side of the hammer and pull the round out by its rim.

The CPR has substantial recoil, but makes up for it a high shot-for-shot accuracy and payload. Each cartridge contains enough fuel to fire two shots.

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