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Iori-Class Star Fortress

The Iori-Class Star Fortress was designed to be a base for fleets to resupply and repair at, and to be the heart of the PANTHEON system. It became available in YE 25.

The PANTHEON (Projected Access Nodal Transuniversal Heuristic Electronic Operations Network) allows for total awareness and coordination of the space battlefield through a network of scaled “nodes,” which include everything from scout ships to gunboats, as well as tiny sensor/communications micro-nodes spread throughout the operations area. Using PANTHEON, entire fleets can be created and passively controlled without need for a crew. Of course, a crew is preferred, and so at first PANTHEON remained more of an emergency plan than a reality; however, recently the Star Army has proven the might of the Iori Star Fortresses by producing millions of warships and mecha. Fleets with Iori stations use them mainly for original purpose of logistics bases, communications network hubs, while KFY can use them to produce (or upgrade) massive numbers of ships.

History and Background

The Iori provides internal docking facilities for sixteen ships with dimensions up to 1981.2m by 1066.8m by 1173.5m (6500' x 3500' x 3850'). The Kyoto-class Carrier (which measures 6250' x 3000' x 3600') was one of the largest Star Army ships at the time, and the bays were designed around it. The main bays run along the outer edge (with the doorway on the end of the bay facing out) of the station's huge dish-like center pod. These large bays are capable of producing or refitting ships inside, including multiple ships at once.

The Iori-class is named in honor of Kitsurugi Iori, mother of Ketsurui Yui.

Dimensions and Crew Complement

Government: Yamatai Star Empire

Ship Type: Shipyard and Base

Ship Class: “Iori” Ke-H1-1b

Designer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards

Manufacturer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards

Production: 50+ in service.

Note: Most Iori Star Fortresses are also production bases for KFY.

Crew: 23,000 The station can support up to 475,000 NH-29 nekos at any given time.


  • 13.335 km (43,738,800 feet) diameter
  • 3.13 km (10,272 feet) tall
  • 856 decks @ 3.66 meters (12 feet) each
  • 700,078 092,metric ton (771,704,000 ton) displacement.

Performance Statistics

  • Speed: Category 2. See: Star Army of Yamatai Starship Speeds
  • Planetary: This station is suitable for operation only in space.
  • Range (Distance): Effectively unlimited
  • Range (Support): Effectively unlimited
  • Lifespan: Estimated 100 Years
  • Refit Cycle: Once every five years.
Theoretical Maximum Production/Upgrade Capacity:
Ship Per Bay Per Iori
Kyoto Carrier 1 16
Yuumi Battleships 100 1,600
Irim-class Heavy Gunships 576 9,216
Arashi Destroyers 2,080 33,280
Sakura Gunships 4,554 72,864
Nekovalkyrja Scout Ship 129,096 2,065,536
Class Description Base SP Build Time
Very Light Small Escorts and Patrol Craft 10 4 days
Light Destroyers, Gunships 20 8 days
Medium Cruisers 30 12 days
Heavy Carriers, Heavy Cruisers 40 16 days
Very Heavy Battleships 50 20 days
Shipyards ~150 1 month
Star Fortresses ~300 2 months

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: 300
  • Shields: 300 (Threshold 5)

Inside the Iori

Ship Systems

Armor: The key substance that makes up the hull armor of the ship is Zesuaium. Zesuaium is a substance which does not conduct any form of electromagnetic radiation, including heat and electricity. It neither bends nor breaks, but will remain in a solid piece. The fabrication of Zesuaium takes place on the southern isles of Yamatai or aboard KFY factory starships, where one substance is molded in the shape desired, and then is transmuted into the fixed Zesuaium form. Each plate of the armor is dotted with millions of tiny connection points to allow additional armor and paint to be added. The frame of the ship is and the armor plates are made of Zesuaium. No less than six feet of armor protect the ship on all sides, enabling the ship to survive even the worst antimatter attacks, and all but immunizing the ship to other types of weapons. Zesuaium's main vulnerability is to antimatter weapons.

In addition to their Zesuaium-reinforced hull plating, Iori has the ability to deploy 500cm of heavy armor over the entire hull of the ship, including areas normally exposed such as the CDD, thrusters, and sensors. When the armor takes damage, it flakes away in a controlled manner (ablation), absorbing the destructive force. The armor can then be repaired using hemosynthesis, making the armor self-regenerative. A combined Photonic/Gravitonic field further protects the armor from scalar and gravitational attacks.

Cloaking Devices: The ship can be rendered invisible to scalar radar, aetheric-energy sensors, subspace mass detectors, other forms of detection by using the TTD to keep the ship in an alternate plane of existence. It is also equipped with an advanced cloaking device which uses scalar fields to simulate that photons and other sensory forms pass through the “empty space” and thus its presence is hidden.

Escape Pods: The Iori carries one hundred and twenty thousand KFY Type KiS-2408es Escape Pod escape pods, each able to hold up to four people.

KFY Graviton Beam Projector (180)

Hemosynthetic Conduit System:


The Iori-Class Star Fortress is equipped with the PANTheon Integrated Electronics System (PANT-IES) Kessaku Systems package of sensors, computers, electronic systems and is equipped with a Psionic Signal Controller.


The lift provides quick access from the main deck to the subdeck. The lift can also be used to travel to other ships when vessels link together (most Star Army ships have standard gauges of lift systems, allowing lift cars to move from ship to ship).

Shield Systems:

The Iori has a massive, incredibly powerful combined defense shielding system, relying on a combined spatial and electrogravitational distortion field network to warp space around it and alter the course of lasers, missiles, etc. that are headed for the ship using both dimensional warping and scalar EM interferometry.

The first and primary shield system is the elliptical dimensional distortion. This system folds space using electrogravitational fields, wrapping it around the ship, to render the craft in its own bubble. Objects inside the bubble are protected from both solid and beam weaponry, because the projectiles or beams pass through the curved space and around the ship. The shields are auto modulated by the KAMI control system. While all frequencies (and planes) are theoretically covered by the EDD shield, the modulation enables extra power to be routed to the bands in which enemy energy weapons operate, decreasing the possibility of a shield overload and rendering enemy energy weapons effectively useless. The EDD can protect against up to 300 YottaWatts worth of potential damage (300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 joules a second) per five-foot area in either kinetic or energy form., making the ship VERY, VERY difficult to damage, even with most main guns.

Interdiction Field: The ship is capable of projecting a powerful artificial gravitic field that disrupts the operations of FTL drives of all types in a specific area of effect (minimal effective AOE is a 1,000 meter cubic area; maximum AOE is 1 AU cubic area). This is useful in preventing enemy vessels from escaping from battle. The interdiction field also has a secondary mode that can defeat the interdiction efforts of enemy forces in a localized area roughly half the size of its normal operation.

Temporal-Spatial Distortion System: Using its TTD and shield systems, the ship generates its own time-space distortion field. This field serves many purposes, mainly keeping the ship safe from spatiogravitational and temporal attacks. It operates as a time/space anchor. The DR device (dimensional retriever) is also built into this system. Gravitational fields outside the shield bubble do not affect the objects inside. The TSDS can also be used to generate subspace waves, which can be used to detect hidden ship and objects when used in combination with the subspace sensors.

Transuniversal Teleportation Drive: A of technology that relies on “linked” space, where particles and energy in different locations react simultaneously. The TTD apparently causes such quantum links and transports the ship instantly to the desired location, usually a different universe. The range of the TTD is unlimited, although teleporting into unknown space is somewhat dangerous. The teleportation drive is produced by AvaNet, the computer-society that inhabits the south islands of Yamatai.

Weapons Systems

Aether Detonator: This powerful weapon generates a powerful pulse that releases the potential energy of its target, specifically fifth-dimensional time energy. This results in the total annihilation of a spherical area around 100 million miles in diameter.

  • Primary Purpose: Anti-Warship/Anti-Planet
  • Range: Indefinite range. Range is determined by the range of the ship's sensors.
  • Damage: Total destruction in its area of effect. DR 5 (Anti-Starship)
  • Rate of Fire: Under optimal conditions, the aether detonator can transmit once every three and a half minutes.
  • Payload: Unlimited

Directed Fold Cannon (19): This powerful weapon distorts space in much the same way as a hyperspace fold generator does. Instead of transporting a ship somewhere, the directed fold cannon is generally used to retrieve a large quantity of stellar core material and deposit it on top of (or around) the target vessels.

  • Primary Purpose: Anti-starship
  • Secondary Purpose: Transportation
  • Damage: Variable (Zero to Total)
  • Range: Effectively unlimited (However, the sensors only see so far).
  • Rate of Fire: Once every fifteen seconds.
  • Payload: Effectively Unlimited.

Projected Energy Beams (320): See Combined Field System

Weapons Pods (24,000): See: Star Army Weapons Pods

Vehicle Complement

OOC Notes

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Supply ClassificationClass A - STARSHIPS
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Product NameIori-Class Star Fortress
ManufacturerKetsurui Fleet Yards
Year ReleasedYE 25

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