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NH-33 (Eihei)

The NH-33 (Eihei) is a restricted species, made only by the Ketsurui Zaibatsu and only for use by the Ketsurui Clan and the Star Army of Yamatai. Eihei means sentinel in Yamataian. It was developed as a replacement for the NH-27 Series. They became available in YE 34.

In general, the Eihei is only used by the Ketsurui Samurai, although occasionally the Star Army's special forces acquire some.

Typical Appearance

The NH-33 Eihei looks like a typical Nekovalkyrja, Type 33, the only difference is instead of a serial number NH-33 Eihei have the following Kanji: ่ก›ๅ…ต.


NH-33 Eihei Unique Abilities

Skin-based Holographic Optic Camouflage

Skin-based, holographic optic camouflage: This capability expands on the ability to produce holograms in close proximity to their skins; this however, only allows the nekos to hide their bodies (any garment actually worn still remains visible) by holographically showing the image on the opposite facing of the body - effectively turning transparent.

Seeing that clothing does impede the camouflage capability, a good number of nekos resort to being naked and using their holographic skin to cover them with illusory clothing. Fixed holography like clothing seems easier to maintain than transparency and can be maintained indefinitely as long as the neko remains conscious and clear headed. The 'transparency' feature is harder to maintain and the neko can't keep it up along with any strenuous activities other than focusing on remaining unseen (nekos can't effectively fight while invisible).

Skin Vision

Light sensitive tactile sensors: Another advantage nekos have is the capability to feel light on their skin - actually allowing them to 'see' without the use of eyes (though actual definition and clarity compared to eyes could be in question).

Subdermal armor (Passive)

The NH-33 Eihei possesses a passive protection to bullets and blades. It is a woven layer of aramid fibers below the dermis. This protective layer helps to reduce the damage the body takes from physical attacks.

Protection (Damage Rating (Version 3)): Tier 1 (Light Personnel)

Epidermis armor (Active)

The NH-33 Eihei has an active armor system that was developed to help protect the individual. The armor is created by the femto-machines that maintain the body. They create a layer of organic armor. Activating the armor is a high energy status, once in place it takes relatively little energy to maintain. The armor takes thirty seconds to activate and covers the body in a greyish-white metallic sheen.

Protection (Damage Rating (Version 3)): Tier 2 (Medium Personnel)

Increased Strength (Eihei)

NH-33 Eihei posses the impressive strength of their predecessor. It is possible (not very difficult) for a Nekovalkryja NH-33 to carry up to 1,000 kg kilograms of weight in 1G (2,200 lbs). Essentially, carrying normal soldier gear is never an issue for them and it's more a matter of how bulky or balanced objects are than how much they weigh.

External hemosynthesis (Eihei)

NH-33 Eihei possesses a limited external hemosynthesis capability. This system can be used to make modifications to the body, such as adding tentacles, extra limbs, etc. This is a high energy system and it takes time to form the modifications to take place. The more sophisticated the modification, the longer it takes. Adding limbs is considered a fairly sophisticated modification, since it includes structure, muscles and nerves.

Metabolism (Eihei)

NH-33 Eihei metabolism provides renders them immune to most to diseases and poisons. Exposure to an unknown agent causes the body to combat it develop new immunities. Their bodies maintain the same internal physiology of their predecessor NH-27 Series. They do not sweat, nor have a circulatory system.

Energy manipulation (Eihei)

NH-33 Eihei possess the ability to manipulate gravitational, electrostatic and magnetic forces throughout and slightly beyond their body.

Parasite Contingency (2)

With the advent of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, Ketsurui Zaibatsu added a contingency for infection. A small gland was added that stores a unique set of femtomachines. Upon detection of the paralytic drug the NMX parasite injects, this gland releases its contents. The femtomachines automatically seek-out the parasite. Once they find it they attack it, creating more of themselves as they tear it apart, until it is gone. After the parasite is destroyed they search the blood stream for any traces of the parasite. After twenty-four hours they self destruct. The gland reproduces a new batch within twelve hours of releasing a batch.

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