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NH-27 Nekovalkyrja

The NH-27 (Type 27) was a model of Nekovalkyrja produced Yamatai from YE 27 to YE 33. It is no longer produced and beginning in YE 35, any remaining NH-27 bodies will be denied access to PANTHEON. The NH-28 was phased out of Star Army service in YE 35 by order of Star Army Command.

OOC note from Faction Manager Wes: Please do not create new characters using this body type. Character moderators: Please do not approve characters using this body type. (as of Oct. 31, 2013) - Existing approved characters are grandfathered in.

About the NH-27

The NH-27 was a restricted species, made only by the Ketsurui Zaibatsu and only for use by the Ketsurui Clan and the Star Army of Yamatai. Because Type 27 Nekovalkyrja were designed to be soldiers and sentries for the Star Army, they featured some the most coveted and useful abilities of any species in the RP. These included:

  • Subatomic construction: The NH-27 was built on the subatomic scale, giving it the ability to significantly change its structure. This gave it its amazing strength, exceptional dexterity and speedy healing. With practice, NH-27 could manipulate their structure in other ways.

Although the NH-27 was human in appearance (except for the familiar cat-like ears), it was not human-derived. While older Nekovalkyrja used DNA, the NH-27 had the distinction of being the first Nekovalkyrja built on a subatomic scale. Features of the NH-27 included skin-based and holographic optic camouflage, an external Hemosynthetics system, Hemosynthetics healing, the ability to use quantum-type encryption in telepathy and the ability to manipulate gravitational, electrostatic and magnetic forces throughout and slightly beyond their body. Most of these advancements were used in the NH-29.

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