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Shimizu-Motoyoshi Akina (清水本吉明菜)

Physical Description

Stardust dances on in a nebulous sea of red.

Akina is known for her striking appearance, and that starts off with the soft features of her face. Her nose has a pert and sweet little shape setting off a face that’s a mix of Scandinavian features with that of Japanese. The brows are neat and expressive, with thick natural lashes. Her eyes have a large almond shape, owing that both influences tend towards that look. They are brilliant and unnaturally green, with subtle but vibrate flakes of gold included in the iris. In all but the darkest light, they almost seem as if they are backlit.

Long, voluminous, and lush hair spills from the top of her head and down to caress the rise of her shapely bottom. It is a dazzling primary colored red, a little lighter than how dark it used to be, as if to match better with the sparkling dust of stars that flows throughout. It’s as if she permanently has hair spray in that makes her hair have a dusting of golden stars throughout. Like that bouncy long mane is a nebular field. If she leans far enough or is wearing an updo, the tattoo which reads, “勝子” is visible on the back of her neck.

Akina has a lithe, slender, and feminine build. She is shorter than when she was created, and with her even more slimmed down (and very Yamataian shape) state her chest is more pronounced. The woman’s hips and waist flare out to give her an impressively shaped backside, a tight and very well-defined bubble.

The accessory she is most often seen with is a stick-on nose stud, centered on her left nostril. The appearance can be changed and modified with the included applicator.

Her ear style is somewhat Elven, and she has no immediately visible hairs or fur present on them.

Distinguishing Features: Bears all standard corporate and military identification tattoos and markings. Akina has ‘衛兵’ tattooed underneath her right foot. Her ears Neko-type ears are hairless and not too large, and are fairly expressive.6) She has had standard human-type hands for a long time to better play string instruments, especially her violin. Currently, she has no tail.



Akina is a woman with resolute belief in the Empire. She finds importance in Star Army organization and ranks. She is known to be very calculating and focused on the job, able to juggle many things at once. While not always letting on, she is often thinks of ways to improve her wardrobe, uniforms, and appearance. A definite streak of vanity. She is just as likely to be forward and dominant towards interesting partners as a rule, and flexibly change to fit the situation. When on her own time, Akina is more carefree. However, her playful tendencies and passion (and wry wit) often emerge during normal operations. She is typically less self-conscious when she feels comfortable with her assignment. On the whole, she is an energetic Nekovalkryja. She is naturally fascinated by science, and enjoys learning new things and especially exploring.


  • Carnal Pleasure
  • Water
  • Heights
  • Clothes and Costumes
  • Space
  • Upscale Events
  • Getting Mindy Time


  • Being Apart from Lovers
  • Being Stifled
  • Unearned Arrogance
  • The Tone-deaf


  • Long-Term: TBD
  • Short-Term: TBD


Akina was created in late YE 22 and has served in the Star Army of Yamatai loyally since. She has served a long career as a command officer and many of her battles and strategies especially for large fleet actions are taught at the Kyoto War College. She is the head of the Shimizu Clan, and retains the title of princess.


In YE 22, she was created and made a tech sentry and primary armor pilot as an NH-17. Akina served in several War Fleets during the Fourth Elysian War. She survived engagement after engagement, and when the war was over

In YE 26, When the fleets were scaled back, Akina was transferred to Hoshi no Iori for NCO training. Reassigned to the Yuumi battleship Turtle in the 34th War Fleet.

In YE 27, During a large skirmish with an SMX fleet, Akina was forced to take command of the damaged Turtle when the bridge officers were injured by Mishhu. This earned her a commission, shortly after an aptitude test she extended her obligation with the SAoY, who sent her to the Star Army Academy for further officer training.

In YE 28, Akina studied and trained intensely, finally graduating towards the end of the year. She transferred to a Yamataian body one curriculum cycle before graduation. Assigned to 5th Expeditionary fleet by special request of the Star Army Fleet Admiral, Akina became heavily involved in the YSS Akuro and the fleet itself, and found her heart with Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko. She was eventually made the commanding officer and promoted as such when Motoyoshi Taisho transferred her stationary headquarters to the Taiie no Iori, after proving herself.

The YSS Akuro


Akina had hurriedly prepared a formal dining in for the crew, but someone had other plans! A large chunk of unsatisfied soldiers, nearly 19,000 members of the ship had been waiting, and as the night wore on and everyone was enjoying themselves, the lights turned out! The ship's AI had also been plunged into darkness, one that the XO would later name the Freya. Reports surfaced down that a large portion of the Akuro's power armours had been disabled. In fact not only were they defenseless, but after regrouping they quickly found getting to the AI core wouldn't be as easy as they had thought.Getting to the command stack would be perilous. A collection of officers and security personnel as well as those attending the dining in went into the darkened corridors. After finding a weapons locker, they fought their way through with several casualties and wounded soldiers. Katsuko and Akina's team penetrated the control room and re-took control of their ship, but the loss had already been great. From their safe location they ensured as order returned the remaining mutineers were stopped, and repairs were made.


Akina waited at one of the side entrances to the briefing room she had picked for her primary command crew to report to before the shift began. The KAMI eventually informed her when they arrived, and she began the briefing after the shift had taken their seats again. Announcing the outline for the meeting, Akina quickly informed everyone because of the uprising had taken a bad setback. To test them, she asked for suggestions on how to fix it, and still keep security procedures streamlined. After entertaining their ideas, Katsuko informed her she would meet her on the bridge. Moving on the woman described what she expected from the main duty shift's operators, and how important it was to the fleet. When there were no questions following her briefing, the XO dismissed them to the bridge.

Alpha Shift

Once the Admiral sat down, Akina began to help her begin operations while Motoyoshi scanned reports and modified fleet status. Calming down after her briefing, the strategist sent along all the updated procedures to fix the logistical problems they'd been having, and she listened idly as [Murasaki Aoiko] tried to calm a Yuumi captain having engine troubles. Activating the holo-display for the command stack as Katsuko got in the lift to see to the fleet deck, she decided to have some fun with drills. Ordering her one alert armour wing to stand down, so they would then finish dressing before being ordered back into them. It was a trick to keep bored personnel on their toes she had learned from her time on the Turtle, which she explained to the bridge crew with a smile.

When it was over, Katsuko had taken a station in the pit and was concentrated on more paperwork. The Yuumi's engine troubles reported back green and it went to rejoin the new Hummingbird's protection group. Signaling the fleet, Akina finished her other item for that since they were ready to move in formation. Adjusting several navigational vectors, the 5th Expeditionary Fleet completed orbital insertion around Taiie IV without any problems. As nominal operations prevailed, the officer ordered the 9th Akuro power armour wing down early after their ordeal of drills.

Switching channels, she had communications inform the 17th (on a mission planetside) the fleet was ready to render aid if it was needed while they surveyed the lush paradise below. After waiting far too long ordering drinks, Shimizu allowed them for the soldiers at the stations around her. Piping in music to the bridge, the peace was broken quickly enough. It was snowing, snowing on the Akuro! Akina's mood lifted as she listened to the problems of the cold storage unit. Putting Aoiko to the test, the proper teams were sent in to handle the problem. Ordering Jatsu at tactical to file a report of attack vectors that might pose a threat from their current vectors including some of her own simulations. The acting fleet Captain sent a Nozomi on a low orbital sweep of the planet below, and focused on her drink while picking through other status reports. When they were finished, she put her plan into action..

Alpha Shift: A Deadly Game

Akina relayed control to the Akuro's second bridge, and within moments an unidentified cluster of ships drew the attention of the entire bridge. It was a massive Nepleslian fleet including at least one Yuumi! They were outnumbered, and Akina played along and sounded general alarm as the simulated orders for full alert went out. Attempts to contact, or reason with the phantom fleet resulted in only taunts. As shots began being exchanged between the two fleets, boarding started to occur as the 5th was whittled down. The command officer was of course recording it for later, but she was soon using the bridge's holographic projectors for a trick! A LAMIA killed her, leaving them alone in command. Before long a MINDY (the only real one) 'killed' the Taisa's murderer. Within the space of minutes warning alerts raised. The Yuumi's main cannon fired. “YOU LOSE” appeared on all the displays before Akina appeared in her seat again, and she explained the training. There were mixed responses, and drinks were refilled around the bridge as the massive command deck returned to normal operations once Kastuko returned to her seat.

They were getting an upgrade, a massive surge of fleet numbers from Yamatai. And even better, the 17th was coming back. It was a good first ship, if entirely too eventful the change of command ceremony would be that evening, and they all had to make preparations.

Rescue on Taiie IV

Rescue on Taiie IV Akina briefed and sent out the the 17th Armor Wing of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet from the YSS Akuro.

Taiie no Iori

Akina was eventually killed mid YE 28, when she came under the influence of a malfunctioning AI system and was killed by Katsuko during the 'Ichiro' incident when she had no other choice.

YE 44 Trick or Treat Free Salvage Giveaway

Akina participated in the Autumn salvage giveaway (without a costume) held by the Second Chance Salvage Corporation, winning:

  • Antimatter glob (dangerous!) (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 33-6, IC: 255-5769-36)
  • Rank Pin, Enlisted (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 19-55, IC: 1083-52472-72)
  • Box of 20 Type 30 Concussion Grenade (White stripe) (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 17-29, IC: 550-27723-44)

Akina’s Service Record

Official service record for Shimizu-Motoyoshi Akina (清水本吉明菜):

YE 22

YE 23

YE 24

YE 25


YE 27

YE 28

YE 30

YE 32

YE 35

YE 42

YE 44


Skills Learned

Akina is proficient in the following skill areas:

Star Army Basic Training

Akina is trained in all Star Army Common Skills.

Occupational Skills

Star Army Enlisted

As an enlisted infantry soldier, Akina was trained in the skills needed by all Star Army members. She was especially adept at the operation of power armor, with some technical training to assist field maintenance and repairs.

Star Army Officer

Tapped to become an officer after displaying battlefield leadership and drive, Akina was field promoted, then officially commissioned after completing officer training. First in her class at the Kyoto War College, Akina trained in the advanced skills needed by higher ranking officers. As well as taking many electives such as advanced applied battle mathematics. This was in addition to her universal officer skills. She gained even more experience through battle, and under the command of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko.

Star Army Starship Operations

Proficient in Star Army Starship Operator dating back to the First Mishhuvurthyar War, Akina is effective standard, SPINE, and other interfaces.

Humanities (Diplomacy)

Akina has diplomatic experience within and without the Empire, in addition to her study on the topic. She has attended international diplomatic meetings (public and private) and has met representatives of Yamatai and other governments while at the capital. As a serving Senator, she gains more insight into the field as she discharges her duty.

Star Army Infantry

As a formidable pilot, Akina took it as a challenge to attend the Star Army School of Advanced Infantry Combat in YE 39 using her vast reserves of leave. Upon completing the course, she received a Giretsu qualification.


While by no means exceptional, Akina has amassed a decent ability to serve, distinguish, and mix (mostly alcoholic) drinks of quality. This comes from her time as Katsuko’s strategist, all the way through her career in the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet. It extends to their married life together as well. She can brew a mean variety of Coffee drinks as well, which she favors over most teas.


Akina is neat, tidy, and clean, and efficient at making her environment the same. She's a deft hand in the kitchen.


As a veteran and survivor of conflicts dating back to the Fourth Elysian War, Akina honed her personal ability in accordance with both advancing power armor fighting and physical martial arts, with a specialization in CQC meant to kill or incapacitate many enemies in quick succession. Her workout regimen still includes updating and honing her fighting as a form of habit as much as meditation. She is always eager to find more ways to be better in a fight if caught without a weapon or prior notice.


Akina has attended Kyoto War College's remote program to develop her leadership skills. She has launched successful restaurant ventures such as Takeda House and Tachi's, and has been given a senior executive position in Yugumo Corporation and management of its extreme-sports and adventure tourism venture Storm Chasers.


Putting some of her experience into training and off-hours research as far back as YE 30, Akina has learned formal methods for starship construction, while looking at other sciences to include structures and the intricacies of general systems. This came from a desire to better assist Katsuko mixed with her own curiosity.


Most of the physical activity Akina has the time to indulge in tends to be spent keeping herself in peak condition. In addition, she swims whenever she can, and knows how to ski.

Social Connections

Shimizu-Motoyoshi Akina (清水本吉明菜) is connected to:

* Fellow soldiers surviving from the Fourth Elysian War through the Kuvexian War.

Inventory & Finance

Akina has the Star Army Standard Issue Items currently issued.

In addition, Akina has the following:

Uniforms and Equipment

Uniform Accessories

Personal Effects


Akina's Mindy


Akina receives pay for the rank of Taisho. She also receives pay when Shimizu Advanced Space Industries turns a profit. She is known for reinvesting her own cut into expanding the business, or rewarding staff members.

NBY Account
Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
2,401,800 KS Previous Balance
2,401,800 KS Total

Akina has 2,401,800 KS on hand and far, far more in her accounts.

OOC Information

This page was created by Miyako on 11, 24 2022 at 12:00 using chiefly Yuuki’s amazing work on Motoyoshi Tachiko.

In the case Miyako becomes inactive:

Character Data
Character NameShimizu Akina
Character OwnerMiyako
Character StatusActive Player Character
Current LocationYSS Mazu
PlotsHinomaru Sunrises
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankTaisho
SAOY OccupationStar Army Fleet Admiral
SAOY AssignmentYSS Mazu
Assigned QuartersFlag Suite YSS Mazu
Battle BuddyMotoyoshi Kaoru
SAOY Entry YearYE 22
DOR YearYE 30
Government & Politics of the Yamatai Star Empire
OfficeSystem Senator
Political PartyBellflower
Character approved: August 25 2005
(101.4 lbs)
think Kessaku Anri’s chibi.
7) , 8) , 9) , 10)
current leader

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