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Taiie no Iori

Taiie no Iori was an Iori-Class Star Fortress under the control of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet in the Taiie System. The Fortress never finished construction due to an event involving a malfunctioning KAMI system.


The planned patch for Taiie no Iori was:

The patch featured art that depicted the power of the waves found in the oceans of Taiie.

About Taiie no Iori

An Iori-class star fortress formerly found above the colony of Taiie in the Bard Cluster. In YE 29, Taiie no Iori was to be the base of operations for the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet. However, before it could be finished, the KAMI unit was sabotaged and turned on the occupants of the fortress. Many promising young commissioned and enlisted officers were killed as a result of the KAMI's rage. Though the unit's consciousness, manifested through a male sprite named “Ichiro,” eventually transferred to the original Akuro, a Chiharu-class Flagship, it left Taiie no Iori in ruins. The site was turned into a memorial and a second Iori-class was removed from reserve and set up. The Taiie no Iori Memorial was destroyed in YE 29 when the system was invaded by the Mishhuvurthyar.

The successsor to Taiie no Iori was named Akina no Iori in honor of Taisa Shimizu-Motoyoshi Akina (清水本吉明菜) who perished during the incident.

The sabotage that created the malfunction was thought to be done by a disgruntled technician, but in reality, it was a rogue element within Star Army Intelligence attempting to kill Motoyoshi, who had resisted their orders for far too long. The plan was lost, however, when Motoyoshi left the Iori temporarily and the KAMI had no target to destroy.

OOC Information

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