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Arrival of the Norians

The Arrival of the Norians is a site-wide RP event revolving the arrival of the Norian survivors in the Kikyo Sector.


After decades of war 1) , the Norians of Tsenlan fled their home universe. Having opened pandora's box in their greed for power and dominance they attempted to siphon energy from an aether-like dimension that was inhabited by an ancient and unfathomable horde of creations. These vile creatures with dark sentience driven by the need to consume, indulge, assimilate and destroy anything in their path resulted in massive losses of life, while other enemies like the Craethel took advantage of their dwindling populations to outright destroy their former capital worlds.

In YE 44.7, led by Aestaesys Airwin Caeyara, the survivor fleet first visited Ayenee but then in a narrow escape managed to make it to the Kagami Galaxy.2) Honoring their alliance to the Yamatai Star Empire which stretched back to the days of the Chaos Hive War, the Norians remained out of sight near Xylar until Airwin Caeyara could gain the help of Taisho Ketsurui Yui.3)

Taisho Ketsurui Yui rallied the Star Army of Yamatai which kicked off Operation Fireplace4) 5), being a multi-pronged rescue and evacuation mission to save the norians who were starving and suffering on their nearly disabled Leviathans. The call for help was even answered by the Senti who offered up assistance.6)


In YE 44, the Norians arrived near the Xylar star system.

Airwin met with Mistress-Taisho Ketsurui Yui at Star Army Headquarters in the Military District of Kyoto7). Yui offered the full support of the Star Army and Yamatai Star Empire.

Operation Fireplace

Taisho Ketsurui Yui, commander of the Star Army sent a message to all soldiers of the Star Army, telling them to immediately prepare for a large humanitarian mission called Operation Fireplace8). The mission involved moving the Norian survivors to Star Army Refugee Facilities and providing for them until they could recover and settle on one or more worlds on a permanent basis.

Senator Iemochi Seinosuke requested an immediate retrofit of the aging refugee facilities9).

Chujo Iemochi Feyani scrambled all available CSAR units and a large BATON contingent as a rapid response first.10) The 171st Combat Rescue Squadron aboard the YSS Second Chance were the first SAoY forces to arrive as well as the first to board an Ark. The 171st’s Alpha Flight established a beachhead and processing center on Akelost Ark Alpha that they dubbed “Port Hope”.11)

YSS Resurgence sent crew to Ark Alpha and rescued children and refugees.

The Ryu-Mizumitsu Clan and the Nepleslian Reds arrived with a number of ships to transport refugees to the NH-H1 Hibiscus-Class Mobile Space Station Port Orchid and Port Dongfeng (hailing from the Tange System). One of the key ships was the FDS Brave Star, leading a squadron of Reds tagging along. The Brave Star helped evacuate a large number of refugees from Ark Alpha as well.

The YSS Tengu of the 1st Rikugun Test and Eval Battalion, captained by Sakurai Mizuki, joined in the evacuation. The mission was one part an operational test on the max capacity of the ship can carry and two parts a humanitarian purposes. It arrived towards the end of the evacuation, transporting less refugees than most. Mikael Harris served as the temporary XO during the mission.


Star Army refugee towns with temporary housing, food, and other amenities are available in these places:

Possible backup sites:


Groups participating in this event included:

Norian Assets Involved

  • 3 x Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark - Population 100,000,000 each, estimated. (Akelost Ark Alpha, Akelost Ark Beta, Akelost Ark Gamma)
  • 3 x MERN (Former Minatu Empire Imperial Navy) Kibothamila Ithaca-Class War Titan Leviathan (Lead ship: MERN Aiathogu, Other Two: MERN E'stlhualas, MERN Ithond)



OOC Notes

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