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YSS Resurgence

YSS Resurgence (IRN NG-S1-575) is a Fuji-class Expeditionary Gunship serving in the Star Army of Yamatai's First Fleet. It is home of the Resurgence Of Yamatai roleplaying campaign, which won the 2022 Simulation Cup for Outstanding Original Scifi!1).


The Resurgence was part of a series of starships built at Ketsurui Star Fortress at the end of the Kuvexian War to bolster the losses from the massive Third Battle Of Nataria and Battle Of Glimmergold. As the First Fleet continued to expand and become the Star Army's main fleet, the types of units in it diversified and included more ships capable of long-range, extended deployment including the Fuji-class Expeditionary Gunship. Fabrication of parts and crew selection by Star Army Personnel Command for the YSS Resurgence began in YE 42.9 and was completed in YE 43.1.

Launched without ceremony, it was immediately deployed on an important post-war survey mission to examine the war's effects on the sector and cleanup remaining enemy forces.

YE 43

In YE 43, YSS Resurgence conducted PEARL rescue missions to retrieve personnel and Yamataian citizens who had been left behind on Hanako's World. It also visited White Harbor Station.

In YE 43.6, the YSS Resurgence returned to Yamatai (Planet) and then visited White Harbor Station in the Anisa system2). While there they rescued a Senti named Morivai Janik from a damaged spaceship3).

In YE 43.7, Resurgence began her fourth mission4), escorting cargo ships carrying humanitarian aid. The ship first traveled to Nataria, then to Tatiana, and then Darso, where it boarded and destroyed one Kuvexian Ex-Navy ship and saw cargo delivered, and took prisoners. Then Resurgence went to the An Rhy (Valaad) system to escort another cargo delivery mission.

In YE 43.8, Resurgence returned to Yamatai (Planet) for repairs and the crew was able to attend the Candy Festival of YE 435).

YE 44

In 44.2, the Resurgence visited Pisces Station prior to the International Relations Conference Of YE 44. While on Pisces, the crew got a a tip from a mysterious secret agent named Paul that allowed them to locate the Tr'Pocka System, where a secret Nepleslian private research vessel named SS Spark was left adrift in orbit of a machine planet. The Resurgence sent an away team over where they found the ship had been disabled by and infected by boarders from the machine planet, in the form of computronium mechanical constructs that could take over computer systems–essentially walking computer viruses. The Resurgence evacuated its personnel and one survivor and destroyed the Spark.

The Resurgence returned to Pisces Station in YE 44.3 and Captain Aoba participated in the International Relations Conference6) while the enlisted crew had a pub night7)

In YE 44.5, the Resurgence visited Sood Zadra to seek information about machine planets in coreward space.

In YE 44.6, the ship went to coreward space to investigate a machine planet, Samurr, and captured it for use by Nagashun.

In YE 44.7, Resurgence helped move refugees during the Arrival of the Norians.

In YE 44.8, the Resurgence crew participated in the Candy Festival of YE 44 in YE 44.9.

Member of the YSS Resurgence attended the Year-End Holiday Festival in Kyoto.

YE 45

In YE 45.1, the Resurgence launched from Central Fleet Depot and went to Darso, but then turned around to visit Gashmere in response to a recent terror attack. The chief science officer was confined to quarters for questioning by order of the Empress of Yamatai and Ketsurui Yui.

The Resurgence then space-folded to Kepler's Find to explore it. It was the first YSE starship to do so. After collecting samples of artificial life from the surface and the sea below using a drill, the ship moved to Shirakawa no Iori in the Ahmar star system.8). An away team from the Resurgence discovred an underground cave/bunker complex on the surface, and evidence that some of the Seelie species had survived, but that they had been recently been taken by Kuvexian pirates to sell into slavery. The Resurgence also found a Kuvexian shuttle owned by a rival Kuvexian group, and a lone robotic survivor named Mitalar Sevinna, who the Resurgence recruited for intelligence on the pirates. Due to the size of pirate forces, the Resurgence then returned to Nataria to get a second Fuji-class Gunship from the Nataria Fleet Depot. The Resurgence dispatched a portion of the crew to man the YSS Renaissance under commander of Benna. The two ships then set off for the Kazumi, passing through Koenic, Ah Rhy, through Wazu Corridor into Old Mishhuvurthyar Space and Higaflan. After arriving at Kazumi, the ship sent a team to infiltrate the frigate ISS Garrik Sylbella and stole data from its main computer.

In YE 45.4, the Resurgence went on a mission to find and rescue the YSS Wakaba. Using Star Army Intelligence intelligence reports, fragmented distress calls, and tips, the ship proceeded to the galactic “north” past Iromakuanhe space and found a star system containing tachyon anomalies and at least one wormhole to a distant location. The system was occupied by the Mishhuvurthyar and the ship was attacked and boarded by them. In response, the Second Fleet attacked the system in force and the Resurgence and YSS Renaissance used this distraction to enter the wormhole where they were able to discover the YSS Wakaba downed on a planet. When the Resurgence was attacked by Mishhuvurthyar forces, the crew managed to steal the main reactor from a Mishhuvurthyar cruiser, allowing the Wakaba to make a narrow escape back into space just as a massive Mishhuvurthyar dreadnought struck its former location with a devastating anti-planetary weapon. The 3 Star Army ships escaped through the wormhole by rushing through the emerging Mishhuvurthyar fleet, emerging at the battle site on the other side9). Afterwards, the crew assisted in recovery operations10).

In YE 45.5, the Resurgence crew participated in the Kikyō No Sekku parade in Kyoto.

In YE 45.6, YSS Resurgence went through a wormhole to discover a huge apparently abandoned station11). As fate would have it, the expedition led to the discovery of a long-forgotten civilization, igniting a spark of curiosity and cautious interaction among the team. The crew, with a blend of eagerness and caution, initiated contact with the remnants of the ancient civilization “Concordia,” which had been preserved in stasis many years ago to escape a with hostile AI war machines. The unfolding events were a blend of science, diplomacy, and potential alliances, widening the horizons for the Star Army of Yamatai.

As the crew delved deeper, a confrontation with menacing adversaries known as Rippers awaited them. The ensuing battle showcased the agility and resolve of the Star Army soldiers, who valiantly faced the threat with unyielding determination. The combat was fierce, yet the indomitable spirit of the crew prevailed against the odds. However, the battle left some wounded, calling for immediate medical attention. Poppy, the medic, swiftly attended to the needs of the injured, showcasing the readiness and adeptness in providing critical care. The wounded, including Okimi and Pidole, were stabilized thanks to Poppy's timely intervention, underscoring the importance of prompt medical response in such perilous situations.12).

This expedition exemplified the essence of exploration, bravery, and camaraderie among the Star Army of Yamatai. The tales of valor and the unraveling of ancient mysteries continue to echo through the annals of the Star Army, signifying the boundless possibilities that await in the cosmos.

Post their adventurous Mission 9, the YSS Resurgence crew engaged in rearmament and preparation for future endeavors. A casual dinner gathering turned into a significant discussion led by supply specialists Beryl Leyton and Hachirobei Sakuko, concerning equipment upgrades. Beryl initiated a conversation on equipment enhancements based on the previous mission's experiences, presenting an opportunity for the crew to compile a wishlist while the Star Army's exploratory enthusiasm was at its peak. Highlighting the initiative, Beryl revealed the introduction of Star Army Explorer Uniforms and a new fleet of shuttles, marking a significant step towards bolstering the crew's readiness for upcoming missions13).

In YE 45.8, the crew of YSS Resurgence took to the stars on Mission 10, departing from the Central Fleet Depot. Upon liftoff, a mission briefing was held in the wardroom, orchestrated by Erika alongside Mineko. The objective was laid out: to investigate a planet known as Mwigflukbajik, believed to harbor a Mishhuvurthyar facility containing valuable assets. The mission was sparked by SAINT's initiative to delve deeper into the Mishhuvurthyar threat, with a focus on exploring hidden secrets of a planet with a profound historical significance to the Yamatai Star Empire14). After some exploration, the crew discovered former slaves in one of the few surviving facilities and evacuated them to the ship. These refugees were able to provide the location of a hidden NMX facility.

YE 46


In YE 46.2, the YSS Resurgence visited Koenic15).


The Resurgence is painted in a special livery based on the flag of the Yamatai Star Empire. It is Star Army Regal Blue with a white stripe down the centerline, which has a red border.


The Star Army started to gather a crew even before the ship was built.

#Character PicSAOY RankPageSAOY OccupationCharacter OwnerCharacter StatusOrders
1Ittô HeiMinekoStar Army Intelligence AnalystAmethelianaActive Player CharacterOrders
2Jôtô HeishoAsakura YayoiStar Army InfantryCharaaActive Player CharacterOrders
3yuri.jpegNitô HeiAsakura YuriStar Army MedicalCharaaActive Player CharacterOrders
4Ittô HeishoSanda HoshiStar Army InfantryCowboyActive Player CharacterOrders
5ShosaYamamoto, TrowaStar Army Starship OperatorCowboyActive Player CharacterOrders
6Nitô HeiFujikawa OkimiStar Army CaretakeriaincarterActive Player CharacterOrders
7Nitô HeiChiheisen TakahashiStar Army InfantryLizalopodActive Player CharacterOrders
8Santô HeiKohkrolisfuStar Army TechnicianLizalopodActive Player Character
9Nitô HeiJudah SmithStar Army MedicalSidtotalwarActive Player CharacterOrders
10Ittô HeiCheilith UnkniftoStar Army InfantrySobanActive Player CharacterOrders
11Nitô HeiErika ElsterStar Army Intelligence OperativeSunny DActive Player CharacterOrders
12Jôtô HeishoTanaka, YoshiroStar Army SoldierYoshiro TanakaActive Player CharacterOrders
13Ittô HeishoBrax, ZanvenStar Army PilotZanven BraxActive Player CharacterOrders
14ShosaKoyamaStar Army Starship CaptainSoresuInactive Player CharacterOrders
15Santô HeiLythia CienoriStar Army ClerkNakshatraNPC In Use By GM or FMOrders
16Nitô HeishoMiriam NoritaStar Army ArmorerWesNPC In Use By GM or FMOrders
17Nitô HeishoJulia MeadowsStar Army CaretakerWesNPC In Use By GM or FMOrders
18Ittô HeishoAgrippina RossaStar Army CookWesNPC In Use By GM or FMOrders
19Nitô HeishoJulixStar Army CookWesNPC In Use By GM or FMOrders
20Jôtô HeiColby WandoStar Army InfantryWesNPC In Use By GM or FMOrders
21Santô HeiHayden SimrilStar Army InfantryWesNPC In Use By GM or FMOrders
22ChuiDr. Poppy PinkStar Army MedicalWesNPC In Use By GM or FMOrders
23TaiiGabriela LivelyStar Army NavigatorWesNPC In Use By GM or FMOrders
24ShoiKawa EuikoshiStar Army Science OfficerWesNPC In Use By GM or FMOrders
25Jôtô HeishoCassieStar Army SoldierWesNPC In Use By GM or FMOrders
26Nitô HeiDavonte LyonsStar Army SoldierWesNPC In Use By GM or FMOrders
27TaisaAoba KuranosukeStar Army Starship CaptainWesNPC In Use By GM or FMOrders
28TaiiKalena MatsushitaStar Army Starship OperatorWesNPC In Use By GM or FMOrders
29Jôtô HeiAzumiStar Army TechnicianWesNPC In Use By GM or FMOrders
30Ittô HeiMiyagawa TaroStar Army TechnicianWesNPC In Use By GM or FMOrders
31ChuiPidole HenitotStar Army TechnicianWesNPC In Use By GM or FMOrders
32Jôtô HeiPlumStar Army TechnicianWesNPC In Use By GM or FMOrders
33Jôtô HeiTomokoStar Army TechnicianWesNPC In Use By GM or FMOrders
34Jôtô HeiWong Caihong 🌈Star Army TechnicianWesNPC In Use By GM or FMOrders
35Jôtô HeishoBeryl LeytonStar Army Unit Supply SpecialistWesNPC In Use By GM or FMOrders
36Nitô HeishoHachirobei SakukoStar Army Unit Supply SpecialistWesNPC In Use By GM or FMOrders
37Santô HeiLuna SobanStar Army TechnicianCharaaNPC on loanOrders

Crew Cabin Assignments

The captain's suite is on Deck 3, and the XO's cabin is on Deck 4. The seven officer cabins are on Deck 4, and may house two officers each. Crew cabins 1-9 are on Deck 4, and 10-19 are on Deck 2. They house four crew each in 2 sets of bunks.

#SAOY RankPageSAOY OccupationCharacter OwnerAssigned QuartersGender
1Jôtô HeishoCassieStar Army SoldierWesCabin 1 (Deck 4)Androgynous
2Jôtô HeiAzumiStar Army TechnicianWesCabin 10 (Deck 2)Female
3Jôtô HeiPlumStar Army TechnicianWesCabin 10 (Deck 2)Female
4Jôtô HeiTomokoStar Army TechnicianWesCabin 10 (Deck 2)Female
5Jôtô HeiWong Caihong 🌈Star Army TechnicianWesCabin 10 (Deck 2)Female
6Santô HeiLythia CienoriStar Army ClerkNakshatraCabin 11 (Deck 2)Female
7Nitô HeishoMiriam NoritaStar Army ArmorerWesCabin 11 (Deck 2)Female
8Ittô HeiMiyagawa TaroStar Army TechnicianWesCabin 12 (Deck 2)Male
9Jôtô HeiColby WandoStar Army InfantryWesCabin 13 (Deck 2)Male
10Nitô HeiDavonte LyonsStar Army SoldierWesCabin 13 (Deck 2)Male
11Santô HeiHayden SimrilStar Army InfantryWesCabin 13 (Deck 2)Male
12Nitô HeishoJulixStar Army CookWesCabin 14 (Deck 2)Male
13Nitô HeiJudah SmithStar Army MedicalSidtotalwarCabin 15 (Deck 2)Male
14Ittô HeishoAgrippina RossaStar Army CookWesCabin 3 (Deck 4)Female
15Jôtô HeishoBeryl LeytonStar Army Unit Supply SpecialistWesCabin 3 (Deck 4)Female
16Nitô HeishoHachirobei SakukoStar Army Unit Supply SpecialistWesCabin 3 (Deck 4)Female
17Nitô HeishoJulia MeadowsStar Army CaretakerWesCabin 3 (Deck 4)Female
18Ittô HeishoBrax, ZanvenStar Army PilotZanven BraxCabin 4 (Deck 4)Male
19Ittô HeiCheilith UnkniftoStar Army InfantrySobanCabin 4 (Deck 4)Female
20Jôtô HeishoAsakura YayoiStar Army InfantryCharaaCabin 5 (Deck 4)Female
21Nitô HeiErika ElsterStar Army Intelligence OperativeSunny DCabin 5 (Deck 4)Female
22Ittô HeiMinekoStar Army Intelligence AnalystAmethelianaCabin 5 (Deck 4)Female
23Ittô HeishoSanda HoshiStar Army InfantryCowboyCabin 5 (Deck 4)Female
24Jôtô HeishoTanaka, YoshiroStar Army SoldierYoshiro TanakaCabin 6 (Deck 4)Male
25Nitô HeiAsakura YuriStar Army MedicalCharaaCabin 7 (Deck 4)Female
26Nitô HeiFujikawa OkimiStar Army CaretakeriaincarterCabin 7 (Deck 4)Female
27Santô HeiLuna SobanStar Army TechnicianCharaaCabin 7 (Deck 4)Female
28Nitô HeiChiheisen TakahashiStar Army InfantryLizalopodCabin 8 (Deck 4)Female
29Santô HeiKohkrolisfuStar Army TechnicianLizalopodCabin 8 (Deck 4)Female
30TaisaAoba KuranosukeStar Army Starship CaptainWesCaptain's CabinMale
31ShosaKoyamaStar Army Starship CaptainSoresuCaptain's CabinFemale
32ChuiDr. Poppy PinkStar Army MedicalWesOfficer Cabin 1Female
33TaiiGabriela LivelyStar Army NavigatorWesOfficer Cabin 1Female
34ShosaYamamoto, TrowaStar Army Starship OperatorCowboyOfficer Cabin 2Male
35ShoiKawa EuikoshiStar Army Science OfficerWesOfficer Cabin 3Female
36ChuiPidole HenitotStar Army TechnicianWesOfficer Cabin 3Female
37TaiiKalena MatsushitaStar Army Starship OperatorWesOfficer Cabin 4Female

Battle Buddies

#SAOY RankPageSAOY OccupationBattle Buddy
1Ittô HeishoAgrippina RossaStar Army CookJulix
2TaisaAoba KuranosukeStar Army Starship Captain
3Jôtô HeishoAsakura YayoiStar Army InfantrySanda Hoshi
4Nitô HeiAsakura YuriStar Army Medical
5Jôtô HeiAzumiStar Army TechnicianTomoko
6Jôtô HeishoBeryl LeytonStar Army Unit Supply Specialist
7Ittô HeishoBrax, ZanvenStar Army Pilot
8Jôtô HeishoCassieStar Army SoldierDr. Poppy Pink
9Ittô HeiCheilith UnkniftoStar Army Infantry
10Nitô HeiChiheisen TakahashiStar Army Infantry
11Jôtô HeiColby WandoStar Army Infantry
12Nitô HeiDavonte LyonsStar Army Soldier
13ChuiDr. Poppy PinkStar Army MedicalCassie
14Nitô HeiErika ElsterStar Army Intelligence Operative
15Nitô HeiFujikawa OkimiStar Army Caretaker
16TaiiGabriela LivelyStar Army NavigatorBenna
17Nitô HeishoHachirobei SakukoStar Army Unit Supply Specialist
18Santô HeiHayden SimrilStar Army Infantry
19Nitô HeiJudah SmithStar Army Medical
20Nitô HeishoJulia MeadowsStar Army Caretaker
21Nitô HeishoJulixStar Army CookAgrippina Rossa
22TaiiKalena MatsushitaStar Army Starship Operator
23ShoiKawa EuikoshiStar Army Science Officer
24Santô HeiKohkrolisfuStar Army Technician
25ShosaKoyamaStar Army Starship Captain
26Santô HeiLuna SobanStar Army Technician
27Santô HeiLythia CienoriStar Army Clerk
28Ittô HeiMinekoStar Army Intelligence Analyst
29Nitô HeishoMiriam NoritaStar Army Armorer
30Ittô HeiMiyagawa TaroStar Army Technician
31ChuiPidole HenitotStar Army Technician
32Jôtô HeiPlumStar Army TechnicianWong Caihong 🌈
33Ittô HeishoSanda HoshiStar Army InfantryAsakura Yayoi
34Jôtô HeishoTanaka, YoshiroStar Army Soldier
35Jôtô HeiTomokoStar Army TechnicianAzumi
36Jôtô HeiWong Caihong 🌈Star Army TechnicianPlum
37ShosaYamamoto, TrowaStar Army Starship Operator

Ship Inventory

OOC Notes

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Resurgence art by James Lambly.

Map Locations
Map to UseKikyo Sector
Map Display NameYSS Resurgence
Map ImportanceLandmark
Map Marker
Map Tooltip ContentNG-S1-575
Marker AnchorCenter Center
Places of the SARPiverse
Opened/Settled (YE)YE 43
Place Categoriesstarship
Year CommissionedYE 43

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