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YSS Wakaba

YSS Wakaba is a Sharie-class Battleship in the First Expeditionary Fleet and assigned to Task Force 48 as flagship. It has been part of various historic battles and its crew is known for its bravery to go beyond its duties to hold the line. It is a feature ship in the Hinomaru Sunrises.

YSS Wakaba Notable History

The ship has a history in various historic battles and operations in the Star Army of Yamatai.

  • The Wakaba has been known for its hunting operations on remnants of NMX from YE 37 till YE 40.
  • In YE 40 the Wakaba hold of Kuvexian forces as along as potential possible until the retreat sigh was given from Hanako's World.
  • Raids on Kuvexian deployments were regular performed by the Wakaba and joint armed forces close at Arzank.
  • After the war, the Wakaba got reassigned to Task Force 48 at Tange System to provide humantarian support and defend the convoy.
  • The Wakaba was responsible for the cleanup service in Tange system and went missing in the Ayumi Nebula without a trace.

General Information


Design Modifications

The YSS Wakaba has been heavily modified from its original specifications.

Internal Compartments

The following compartments have been updated.

Systems Modifications

Weapons Loadout

The weapons systems were updated in the ship's most recent refit.

Ke-Z3 Series Ransā Anti-Capital/Super-Capital Torpedo

Craft and Vehicles

The YSS Wakaba is to be outfitted with the best possible loadout, however, due to shortages after the Battle Of Glimmergold there have been some delays and shortages.

QTY Class
8 Ke-T10 "Fukuro" Multi-Role Shuttle
Power Armors and Mecha
QTY Class
2,000 Ke-M2-4 Series "Mindy" Armor
150 Keiko Thought Armor and 50 Kirie Thought Armor
12 M19 Ryoko Mecha
Fighters and Bomber
QTY Class
2 Ke-V7 "Ginga" Bomber
4 Ke-V6-2A "Hayabusa II" Starfighter

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