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Hanako's World

Hanako's World is the sole habitable planet in the Hanako's Star system. It is mostly covered in water, while its island chains are covered in tropical forests. It is named for its discoverer, Hanako.


Hanako's World was discovered and colonized in YE 28 by the YSS Sakura.

In YE 34, 207,660,000 refugees from the former United Outer Colonies were placed on the planet with Escape Pods that served as their initial homes while they started farms and towns. A stockpile of two quadrillion nutritional supplement tablets (enough to feed the current population for over 25,000 years) was shipped to the planet, ensuring that the refugees will never be in danger of starvation.

Many of these immigrants got jobs in the hospitality and service industries in the large resorts operated by the Ketsurui Clan, working on cruise ships, restaurants, and massage parlors.

In YE 41, Hanako's World was conquered by the Kuvexian Military during the Kuvexian Invasion of YE 41.

In YE 43, YSS Resurgence and other ships conducted rescue missions to retrieve personnel and Yamataian citizens who had been left behind on Hanako's World.

About Hanako's World

The Ketsurui Clan operates resorts here, as well as sugar cane plantations, huge terraced rice paddies, and mountaintop vineyards. The primary industries of Hanako's World are agriculture and tourism. The official food of Hanako's world is coconut shrimp. There are a large number of H Bunkers scattered around this planet's surface and Community Backup Centers are widely available.

Civilian cargo shipping is primarily provided by Trinary Star Shipping, which has storefronts in all of the planet's major cities.

Flag of Hanako's World

The flag of Hanako's World represents white beaches and sunny blue skies.

Orbital Installations and Assets

Major Cities

  • Harbor Town - Farming and commerical hub
  • Shinjuku/New Kyoto - Capital of Hanako's World
  • Paradise City - Capital of Paradise Island (resorts and tourism)

Major Exports

Agricultural Goods

Items in bold are produced in large quantities.

Manufactured Goods


  • The ring-shaped continent β€œEmbrace” had a double rail line (later increased to 4 rails in YE 34) installed along it in YE 32 that serves as the key artery for industrial shipping. The two waterways have been bridged by massive white bridges. Rail traffic is primarily the Type 32 Rail Train and flatcars with 3 Medium or 1 XL-sized intermodal Standard Starship Cargo Containers on each of them. An extension of this line also connects to New Kyoto via Paradise Island by tunnel. Rail traffic tends to be frequent and heavy and the rails are patrolled by starfighters at all times. All trains are escorted by at least one Ke-V6-1D "Hayabusa" Starfighter.
  • Air transportation is available between all major cities.
  • Sailing is very popular on Hanako's World.
  • Roads are relatively rare on Hanako's World and cars are typically only found in major cities and military bases.
  • Hanako's World is part of the PAINT mass transportation system and has a terminal operated by the Star Army of Yamatai. It has a flight from Shinjuku Starport to Amatsu-Yamatai, Yamatai (Planet) every two hours.

Places to Visit

  • Ketsurui Resort Hotel in New Kyoto
    • Princess Dunes restaurant
  • Cloud Temple Retreat in the mountains west of New Kyoto



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