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Star Army Field Rations, Type 31

Type 31 Field Rations are a series of low-cost wartime rations issued to Star Army of Yamatai troops when neither Type 29 nor Type 30 are available.

Price: 10 KS


Millions of these type of rations were produced at the start of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War and placed on starships and outposts throughout the Yamatai Star Empire. The vast majority of Type 31 rations were manufactured on Hanako's World.

In YE 41, Hanako's World was conquered by the Kuvexian Military during the Kuvexian Invasion of YE 41, which halted most production of these rations. In YE 43, the ration was officially discontinued1).


The Type 31 Field Ration is designed to last for a very long time; because of this, it is not ready to eat right out of the bag, but requires some water and some cooking. Most foods in it are dried or dehydrated. They have less ingredients and less variety than the standard fare; because of this, soldiers are understandably less enthusiastic about them. It should be noted that whenever possible, the Star Army prefers to feed its troops from a starship galley or land-based kitchen rather than issue rations.

31A Regular Version

The Type 31A Field Ration is the original Type 31 Field Ration. It is suitable for all meals. All of the items below are contained in a black resealable plastic bag with a spoon symbol printed on it in white. The bags are also printed with the date and location of manufacture. Each bag weighs about 0.32 kilograms (7/10ths lbs). The bags are often paired with a glazed coconut shell bowl either inside or outside the plastic bag.


  • Bag of dry rice (may be mixed with Amaranth, Barley, or Teff)
  • Dried meat, such as:
    • fish (usually tuna)
    • beef Jerky
    • Salted ham (after YE 39)
  • Dried fruit (usually peaches or raisins)
  • Freeze dried vegetables (celery, peas, carrots, radish)
  • Green tea (2 bags)
  • Miso soup powder
  • Napkin, Paper (also usable as toilet paper)
  • Napkin, Wet
  • Matches, waterproof, folding 8-pack
  • Salt Packet
  • Soy sauce packet
  • Sugar or honey packet
  • Chocolates or hard candy
  • Small wooden or plastic spoon (backup)

31B Breakfast Version

By fall YE 31, the Star Army of Yamatai had also requested a breakfast variant of the Type 31 ration. This Breakfast Variant is not as nearly common as the regular ration. These rations come in the same bags and/or coconut shells as the normal rations, but are also marked with a “B” next to the spoon symbol. The breakfast rations are specially issued (as available) when overnight operations are expected. It's considered a bit of a luxury.


  • Pancakes and Maple Syrup Packet or Biscuit and Grape Jelly Packet
  • Hash browns
  • Spicy Ketchup Packet
  • Resealable bag of powdered eggs and Salt & Pepper Packet
  • Bacon or Ham, pre-cooked
  • Orange Juice Concentrate or Dried fruit (usually peaches or pears)
  • Hot cocoa powder (2 bags)
  • Napkin, Paper (also usable as toilet paper)
  • Napkin, Wet
  • Matches, waterproof, folding 8-pack
  • Small wooden or plastic spoon (backup)

Type 31 Field Mess Kit

Mess kits are issued to soldiers when along with their first Type 31 rations.

  • Bag, Camouflage, Tubular (this cylindrical bag holds up to 7 Type 31 Rations, stacked)
  • Bag, Mess Kit (small round bag for 2 bowls. Has spoon pocket and belt/backpack clip)
  • Sturdy metal spoon
  • Metal bowl with folding handle (for cooking rice and soup)
  • Metal bowl without handle (for eating rice)
  • Potholder glove (fits inside bowls when folded)
  • Small tube of concentrated dish detergent
  • Sponge with carrying case
  • Water purification canister (equivalent to SDI Water Filtration Device)

OOC Notes

This article was written by Wes.

Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass H - FOODS AND SURVIVAL SUPPLIES
First UsedYE 31
Year RetiredYE 43
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesfoods, kits, survival
Product NameField Rations, Type 31
ManufacturerKetsurui Zaibatsu
Year ReleasedYE 31
Price (KS)10.00 KS

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