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EM-J2-1a Geboku Android (SAOY)

The EM-J2-1a Geboku Android is a mass-produced android made by Emrys Industries and used by the Star Army of Yamatai.

Emrys Industries A TC Company


In YE 36, the Star Army of Yamatai purchased 250,000 specialized models of the EM-J2-1a Geboku Android (Basic) Emrys Industries. In contrast to the Service Android, Type 36A "Emma", which was purchased at the same time, the Geboku android were deliberately made to look less human. It took several months to complete the large order. After being produced, the androids were sent to the various fleets of the Star Army where they served quietly doing odd jobs or sometimes just sitting in storage.

As of YE 42, the androids were still around in the Star Army's forces, doing things like moving boxed materiel supplies and ditching ditches when people remember they exist to help. Overall the Star Army's leadership and soldiers do not seem to care much for them or about them, perhaps because of a subliminal view of them as competition or just that these robots are just not that interesting as they are essentially animated mannequins (whereas the โ€œEmmaโ€ model looks pretty). In any case, the result has been poor utilization and no additional orders of this model of android.

About the EM-J2-1a (SAOY)

This mass produced model was created for use by the Star Army as a cheap manual labor workforce.


These androids were customized to the following specifications:



Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass P - PERSONNEL & PASSENGERS

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