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EM-J2-G3400 Power System

Emrys Industries A TC Company

The EM-J2-G3400 is the standard power system for all EM-J2 Series Servitor Android, it became available in YE 34.

About the J2-G3400

The power system has multiple modes of operation.

Induction Cycling

Normal operation is induction cycling. This is used by the android when operating in an environment with a high ambient energy level, such as in a starship, space station, or large building. The power system first recharges the power cell while supplying power to the android. Once the power cell is fully charged, then cycles the induction recharge off and allows the power cell to be used for an hour. Then it resumes charging.

Charged mode

When there is no source of ambient energy the J2-G3400 shuts off the induction system and runs solely on the capacitor. The system monitors the charge, the rate of consumption and calculates the remaining run time.

Emergency Charge

The J2-G3400 comes with an optional cable, which can be inserted through the skin in the left side of the chest, and plugged into a standard power outlet.


Manufacturer: Emrys Industries Nomenclature: EM-J2 G3400 Type: Charging Class: Generator Designer: Tamahagane Corporation R&D

Rechargeable Capacitor

The J2-G3400 has a capacitor capable of operating the EM-J2 Series for one hundred hours.

Induction System

The J2-G3400 can charge the Capacitor by induction. In the presence of normal background EM energy it can keep the capacitor charged and operate the unit. It can also charge at a slower rate by the EM field of most vehicles.

The Induction system has built in protection to keep it safe from massive EM surges such as those on starships during FTL.

Charge Times

All charge times reflect changing from <10% to 100% charge

  • Normal Induction Charge time: Five hours
  • Direct Connection Charge time: One hour
  • Charging by EM-J2-M3402 Internal Organs: Twelve hours

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