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EM-J2-M3402 Internal Organs

Emrys Industries A TC Company

The EM-J2-M3402 is an upgrade for the EM-J2 Series that adds extra capabilities; it became available in YE 34.

About the M3402

The J2-M3402 adds several internal organs that allow it to simulate respiration and to consume liquids and food.


Manufacturer: Emrys Industries Nomenclature: EM-J2-M3402 Type: Misc Class: Misc Designer: Tamahagane Corporation R&D


The J2-M3402 consists of these functions.


While the EM-J2 Series has no need to breath. This feature allows the unit to inhale and exhale like a human. This allows them to perform actions that need breath, eg. blow out a candle, blow up a balloon, whistle and even mouth to mouth resuscitation. The lungs also provide the ability to analyze the air. The lungs are self cleaning, and resemble the human lung.


While the unit has no need to to eat, this feature is available to allow the unit to interact better in social events. The tongue is replaced with one that has taste sensors. This is useful for an android who prepares food, the sensors can also perform a chemical scan looking for drugs and poisons. This allows the android to serve as a food taster. Unconsumed food and liquids are expelled in the normal human fashion.

The digestion system, can be used as an alternate power source. High calorie food that is consumed can be processed chemically to supply power. Food processing takes about 3-4 hours depending on other content in the food.


The food processor can provide a trickle charge to recharge the EM-J2-G3400 Power System.


When this upgrade is installed in an EM-J2-3a Douryo Android (Deluxe) it adds a osmotic pump to simulate a heartbeat and a pulse in the EM-J2-A3402 Deluxe Skin Overlay.

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