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Service Android, Type 36A "Emma"

Officially known the Star Army of Yamatai as the Type 36A Service Android, most soldiers just call them by their nicknames like “Emma,” “Emmy,” or sometimes “Tutu” (Two two). It is a specialized model of the Emrys Industries EM-J2-2a Shujuu Android (Advanced) that was first used by the Star Army in YE 36.

Emma holds a feather duster and wears an apron


This mass produced model was created in YE 36 for use by the Star Army of Yamatai as a workforce. In YE 36, it purchased 500,0001). By YE 38, there were at least ten thousand “Emma” robots serving in each of the Star Army's twelve fleets.

In YE 41, the Service Android, Type 36A was evaluated on the 5-year equipment evaluation cycle and the Star Army of Yamatai decided to keep using them until at least YE 46.

In YE 43.6, a Star-Army-wide survey found about 128,000 of the 500,000 original Emma series androids were in storage at the Nataria Fleet Depot, with about 92% of those never having seen usage in the 7 years since they were made. The rest had been returned from Ninth Fleet after it was decommissioned in early YE 43. Based on this seems like the Star Army had trouble finding places to use these androids.

By YE 46, the Emmas had been in use for ten years. That year, in YE 46.1, the Star Army conducted their second 5-year equipment review & evaluation on the EM-J2-2a. The Star Army determined these androids were overall working fine in their roles as helpers for Star Army personnel and extended usage and service of the current stock of EM-J2-2a “Emma” Service Android Type 36A until at least YE 51 but that buying new ones seemed to be unnecessary since there were unused Emmas still in inventory.

About the EM-J2-2a (SAOY) Shujuu Android

“Emma” robots are used for various light duty tasks, including:



These androids were customized to the following specifications:

  • Female. 170cm (5' 7“), dark red-brown hair, cream-colored skin, sky blue eyes
  • Star Army of Yamatai tattoo on lower back
  • Typically wearing a maid outfit consisting of:


Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass P - PERSONNEL & PASSENGERS
First UsedYE 36
Last ReviewYE 46
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesrobots
Product NameService Android, Type 36A
NomenclatureEM-J2-2a (SAOY)
ManufacturerEmrys Industries
Year ReleasedYE 36
Price (KS)12 ,500.00 KS

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