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Star Army Barber Shop

The Star Army of Yamatai operates barber shops on most Star Army bases and aboard most Star Army starships of a certain size (typically cruisers and above). They are where soldiers of the Star Army can get their hair cut or styled.


Inside of the barber shop there are a few well-lit stations, each with a counter for the hairdresser's tools and equipment and a traditional barber chair. In the front there is a reception desk and waiting area and in the back there are hair-washing stations and a back room for supplies. The floor is made of easily-cleaned black ceramic tiles and the walls typically have bold colors like red or teal and reclaimed wood boards on one or two walls. On the wood wall it is common to find a bunch of framed photos of notable people who have visited the barber shop.

Star Army of Yamatai barbershops and have distinctive smell to them which smells like clean alcohol-based antiseptics mixing into a mild haze of lavender Talcum powder, oakmoss, musk, mint, basil, tea leaves, and foamy shaving cream.


Star Army barber shops were originally staffed by civilians or soldiers on secondary duties, but in YE 41 the Star Army brought back the old Star Army Caretaker occupation back and trained caretakers to become expert barber-stylists. Typically barbers wear an apron to keep hair off their clothes.

Since YE 36, it is typical for at least part of the staff to be Em-J2-2a "Emma" androids that are programmed to be excellent barbers and hairstylists. Just make sure you have a good reference image or a very typical hairstyle like a high-and-tight.

Services Offered

Services and prices for the Star Army barber shop are listed below. Note that Star Army Barber Shops will refuse soldiers' hairstyles requests that fail to meet the Star Army Grooming and Beauty regulations.

  • Basic Haircut: 10 KS
  • Shampoo and Conditioning (includes blow dry if requested): 10 KS
  • Swimmers hair/chlorine removal treatments: 45 KS
  • Dandruff and other Scalp Treatments: free with a prescription from Star Army Medical.
  • Deep Conditioning/hair repair treatments: 50 KS
  • Flat press and curl styling: 20 KS
  • Up-do for formal events: 75 KS
  • Coloring: 75 KS
  • Highlights: 100 KS

Star Army Barber shops do not offer services for body hair (e.g. waxing) or fingernails.

OOC Notes

Article by Wes.

Barber pole is public domain artwork from

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