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Shinjuku Starport

Shinjuku Starport is a Yamatai Star Empire regional transportation center located in the city of Shinjuku on Hanako's World. It was built in YE 36. Shinjuku Starport functions as an interstellar spaceport, a rail station, and parking area and is located adjacent to the Shinjuku Market District.


Shinjuku starport is a major hub of the PAINT interplanetary transit system and provides access to YSE worlds throughout the Ketsurui Military Sector.

See the PAINT wiki page for routes.

Rail Station

Shinjuku Starport features two types of rail systems:

Heavy Rail

Shinjuku Starport is on an extension of the ring-shaped Type 32 Rail Train surface rail system that covers much of the planet and is the primary port for products being imported to or exported from Hanako's World. In addition to cargo trains, the rail line also runs passenger cars. The rail connects with Fort Hanako in one direction and goes East to an undersea tunnel to Paradise Island and then to the Eastern Embrace continent.

Light Rail

The Shinjuku market district has underground commuter train service to Fort Hanako for military personnel and to other stations throughout Shinjuku City (New Kyoto).


Shinjuku Starport has large parking facilities and road access to Shinjuku/New Kyoto and to Fort Hanako.

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