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Chateau Hanako

Chateau Hanako is a huge estate on Hanako's World, known primarily for being the center of the planet's distilleries and vineyards (but not the breweries). It is owned by Hanako, although day-to-day operations are managed by employees since Hanako is off saving the universe in the Star Army of Yamatai. As of YE 40 the palace and winery grounds have also started to host weddings on a regular basis.

Hanako's Label

The Chateau is home to Hanako's Palace.



This powerful and sweet honey-based drink is a favorite of Yamatai's Norse-cultured female warriors.

  • Valkyrja Mead (50 KS)


All Hanako's brand rums use slow-working, carefully selected and blended yeasts, and are aged for at least a year in charred wooden casks and distilled by pots. This ensures they have the most flavor and quality.

  • Hanako's Banana Rum
  • Hanako's Buttered Rum (serve warm)
  • Hanako's Coconut Rum
  • Hanako's Dark Rum
  • Hanako's Lime & Rum
  • Hanako's Spiced Rum

The above rums are sold in 1 Liter glass bottles for 25 KS each.


A decent, affordable sake commonly donated to the Star Army of Yamatai.

  • Star Army Sake (10 KS)


Hanako's World offers a slowly-growing selection of good-quality fine wines and has become the Yamatai Star Empire's second largest wine producer.

  • Hanako's Original Red (20 KS)
  • Hanako's Original White (20 KS)
  • Hanako's Pineapple Wine (20 KS) - Made from pineapples instead of grapes!
  • Hanako's Sweet Pineapple Wine (20) - Fruity and sweet, great for parties!

OOC Notes

Hanako Art Nouveau art by Alexandra Douglass. Fruit icons by Henrique Lazarini. Wine glass art by Gormstar on DeviantArt.

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