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Type 34 Standard Large Starship Bridge

In an effort to continue expanding the modular multi-class designs and Standardized Ship Compartments, Ketsurui Fleet Yards designers wanted to provide a larger bridge for the Star Army of Yamatai.

The eleven station, plus captain, design was the result of the collaboration of several designers, Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko and several other Star Army Starship Captains who command larger ships. It is a suitable upgrade for the Yamato-Class Flagship and other larger vessels, and it became available in late YE 34.


The vessel's commander is given the ability to select customizations for the bridge design. The following features are able to be modified:

  • Carpet Color
  • Upholstery Color
  • Wall Color
  • Placement of ship, fleet and star army logos and decals.

All Stations

All stations on the Standard Large Starship Bridge have:

Command Level

The command level is the epicentre of the day-to-day operations of any ship. It is where you generally find the ship's Captain and other high ranking officers. In general, on most Star Army of Yamatai ships, only officers are permitted on this level of the bridge.

The Command level is accessible via the two after doors which lead to the Captain's Suite (aft-port) and a dedicated lift (starboard-port). Stairs on both sides lead down to the Main Level and Pilot Pit.

Command Chair

Raised above the rest of the Command Level, the Captain's Chair sits with a clear view of the entire bridge. The chair is capable of turning a full 360° and has an integrated SPINE-compatible connection allowing the Captain full access to the ship's systems. Manual controls are available on the arm rests in the event that the interface goes offline or is damaged. The wing-style embellishments on the armrests have cup holders and a place for a Star Army Datapad, Type 33.

The chair itself is fully customizable, but traditionally is padded and very comfortable.

Port Platform

Communications Station

The forward station on the port platform is devoted to communications. The ship's internal and external communications systems can be accessed and utilized from this station.

The aft station on the port platform is devoted to navigation. This station has access to local star-maps, archived star-maps, and other stellar cartography data. Navigation plots FTL and STL solutions per the Captain's oversight and forwards them to the ship's pilots.

Starboard Platform

Systems and Safety Monitoring

This station monitors the interior of the ship, making sure all components are operating within normal conditions. The safety station is often used for damage control, since it can easily pinpoint systems failures and internal damage.

The safety station can also be used to oversees countermeasures against intruders. The station is notable for its large diagram of the ship.

Combined Field System Control

The Combined Field System is crucial; it serves as the ship's propulsion, its shielding, its stealth, and more. In order to maximize its effectiveness, it is necessary to strike a balance between its various aspects. The Combined Field System station allows a controller to monitor, adjust, and attempt repair on the ship's field.

IES Management Station

This station is not always manned, but requires a high level of security clearance to be utilized. In general it is used by Star Army Information Technology personnel to interface the Integrated Electronics System for uses of programming and troubleshooting. During combat, this station is used to operate the ship's electronic warfare systems.

This station includes a place for Isolated Computer Pad storage and recharge.

Forward Stations


The forward station on the port side is the tactical station, From this station, one can launch pods, order new pods, identify and select targets, and fire the ship's energy beams (from the combined field). The weapons systems station is also responsible for managing power armor deployment (except when the mission operations table is used). This station is typically unmanned except during combat, except to use graviton beams.

Mission Command

The forward station on the starboard side is the Mission Command Station. This station can be utilized to manage mission specific operations, such as ; power armor and starfighter deployment and missions, planetary operations (including coordination of Star Army Century), and any other mission profile at the discretion of the ship's Captain.

Storage Area

The bridge has a small storage area consisting of two secured cabinets and several drawers located at the aft of the bridge. These are generally used for the storage of small arms, medical kits and various other gear for the use of bridge personnel.


The contents of the storage area should be listed in your ship's statistics.

Main Level

Accessible via stairs from the Command Level and a dedicated lift (port side), the Main level of the bridge has three stations.

First Officer's Station

Located in the centre of the Main Level, the First Officer's Station features a chair similar to the Command Chair as well as an extensive desk and several monitors. This station has full access to all systems and allows the first officer to assist the Captain and manage bridge personnel.

When the Command Chair is not occupied, all command functions are generally coordinated from this station.

Other Stations

Logistics Station

Located on the port side of the Main Level, the Logistic's Station is devoted to handling the personnel and cargo needs of the ship and the fleet.

Science Station

The science station is located on the starboard side of the Main Level, and is generally occupied by Star Army Science Officer personnel. This station is utilized to operate the ship's internal and external sensor systems as well as process returned sensor data. This station also assists tactical with targeting, locating enemy vessels and other dangerous phenomenon.

The Pilot Pit

Accessible via stairs on both the starboard and port sides from the Main Level of the bridge, the pilot pit is where the two starship pilot stations are located.

Starship Pilot Stations

Generally both pilot stations are manned, however the ship can be piloted from just one of the two stations. Each pilot's station includes a SPINE-compatible connection as well as joystick-like manual controls. When the Navigation station is not manned, navigator functions are preformed by the pilots.

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