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Type 31 Electronic Warfare Suite

The Type 31 Electronic Warfare Suite is a set of integrated systems designed to protect Star Army of Yamatai starships and to disrupt enemy ship activities by defeating their sensor and communication signals. It is found on ships using the KAMI, MEGAMI, and WIES systems.

Operating out to a distance of 2 au, the Type 31 Electronic Warfare Suite couples active counter measures with effective white noise to scramble most enemy communication and sensor systems – rendering them effectively inoperable. When active, the resulting effect on enemy vessels is usually enough to alert them to the ship’s presence, even if they cannot ascertain its actual location.

It is possible for certain communication frequencies to be cleared prior to activating the Suite, and the same can be said for active sensor systems – allowing groups of Star Army ships to still coordinate themselves and monitor their environment.


The Type 31 Electronic Warfare Suite can:

  • Filter communications for malicious, hidden, or unauthorized code
  • Generate “noise” that interferes with enemy subspace, hyperspace, and radio transmissions.
  • Generate directed electromagnetic or electrogravitic (scalar) pulses to disrupt sensors.
  • Cancel enemy signals by phasing them out.
  • Launch probes to extend its capabilities.
  • Work with a Combined Field System to throw off distortion-based sensors, mass sensors, and/or to create an Anti-FTL Field.

All ships equipped with the Type 31 Electronic Warfare Suite are also equipped with:

  • Energized Xiulurium stealth armor coating on the hull and on any aether generators.
  • An array of volumetric projectors that can create the (massless) illusion of various starships or empty space. Range: 30 million km (1/5th of an AU).


The Type 31 was created in late YE 30 for use the following year, although the Star Army began fielding them as fast as they could. The design lineage comes from the Moua Active Jammer.

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