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Tatiana is one of the 'Warmaster' systems, which also consists of the neighboring Anisa System and Nataria systems and form the core backbone of the empire. The Tatiana system houses one gas giant, two barren rock worlds, and Tatiana the planet. It is a fairly empty system; however it makes up for this with Tatiana, one of the crown jewels of the empire and known galaxy.

Flag of Tatiana

As both a Warmaster and key populated world of the empire, defense is an important factor. This is secured primarily by orbital defense, in the form of Yamataian defense satellites and No-H1-1a - Kante Border Monitoring Station as well as reaction forces from the nearby fleets stationed in Yamatai and other core worlds. After being founded, Legion VII was semi-permanently stationed on the planet for defense and policing purposes. They are based on the two Star Army Spires on planet - One nestled in the center of one of the cities and another overlooking the settled region from mountain top, ominously.

Communications are provided by a network of Emrys Satellites put into orbit in YE 34. Tatiana was first colonized in YE 23, occupied by the NMX in YE 31 before being reclaimed after the war in YE 34. Due to the planet Yamatai's pressure of influence and a agreement with the planet's surrender, the world did not suffer harshly during the occupation.

Tatiana (The world)

Tatiana is one of the ‘Warmaster’ worlds, named after the general ‘Tatiana’, and the most populated and developed of the three worlds. Terraformed between YE 23 and YE 26 Tatiana possesses an extremely vibrant, though relatively temperate, global eco-system, lush forests, plains, and even a few jungles around the equator. It possesses plants and animals from all over the Empire, using only those that are capable of living in a sustainable fashion, turning the world into a bit of a safari world.

The ruling body of Tatiana is highly concerned for the environment and the penalties for damaging it are almost draconian. All cities on the world are heavily planned, privately built new construction being almost impossible to be approved and taxed heavily. Sustainability is extremely important to them, and all of their agricultural industry and living tends to conform to this, though refusal to mine makes more conventional industry impossible. In YE 34, Saiga Tokiko was appointed governor following the system's reconquest from Mishhuvurthyar hands.

That being said, Tatiana is a lovely place to live, given the co-existence of nature and civilization, with beautiful and graceful gardens, trees and flowers adorning every pavement and walkway. There are a huge number of leisure activities to take part in, and for a peaceful retirement, or a holiday, there are few places better than Tatiana. In fact, it is so popular that houses and living spaces are at a bit of a premium, and the homeless commonly shipped off world to one of Yamatai's other blossoming colonies.

Tatiana in particular is a hotspot for immigrants coming to the empire, be it from Neplesia, the former United Outer Colonies or otherwise. As a result, the population of the world is predominantly “human,” with Nekos being notable low in number. This causes Tatiana to stand out in the empire, as well as cause it to be the usual hotbed for tensions between “meats and synths.”


While the planet was terraformed, its general geography was kept intact. Like most colonized worlds of the empire, a significant portion of the planet is made up of the oceans and seas, though not as much as the landmasses - Only 40% of the world's surface is water. The landmasses are split up into several continents, broken up in by multiple seas with plenty of tiny islands. Much of the world is fairly flat, in particularly the one settled continent consists of a gigantic, shallow bowl valley of sorts. The few mountains that do exist tend to be either wide, shallow things or a handful of truly massive outcroppings of long since dormant volcanoes.


The overall climate of the world is similar to Earth in a way; however the planet is all around a bit colder and solidly falls into temperate climates, with warmer jungles in the equator and colder tundras at the poles. In contrast to the relatively low amount of surface water, much of the world is rather moist. Much of the coastlines at the equator are swamps with thick, sprawling deltas which soon turn into rainforests. There are no deserts on Tatiana, even prior to terraforming efforts - The driest thing are the sprawling plains.

Tatiana doesn't really have seasons, or at least as wide effecting ones as some other worlds; the year and a half orbit is fairly spherical, only varying enough for the tundras to begin to spread for the winter months and the temperate to slightly dip. Without any moons or a varying orbit, the weather remains rather gentle; while there are more normal weather elements such as rain, snow and thunder, more fierce disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes are unheard of.



With the empire seeding the world with a large variety of creatures from around the universe, the wild life of Tatiana is extremely vast, as suited for a “safari world”. Most of the animals, especially the dangerous ones, are spread among the many continents of the world other than the settled one and are closely monitored by relevant authorities. The civilized continent, on the other hand, mostly has smaller creatures, such as rodents. It also has birds especially, escaping from their various land predators and dominating around the cities in feathery displays. Sea creatures are equally vast, though curiously the Yamatai treasure of dolphins and whales are purposefully missing.

The majority of animals seeded in Tatiana belong in plains, forests or swamps of some sort, with some of them adapting to survive in the small tundras in the caps.

Unfortunately, even after Mishhuvurthyar occupation of Tatiana was over, remnants of the occupiers exist. There have been sightings of both crab and parasite Mishhuvurthyar around, praying on the wildlife of the unsettled continents. It is extremely rare, though a known danger, for a parasite to make it to a city and make a zombie host. Curiously, however, they seem to have no agenda or organization, being somewhat feral.


Not only was the fauna seeded, but so was the flora. Tatiana sports a wealth of different, competing and monitored types of trees for its overall temperate climate. Not only that, but smaller plants; the many plains are known to house various shrubs and flowers, for example, while the bottoms of the forest floor are teeming with all sorts of small-scale plant-life. The cities themselves also host plenty of gardens about the walkways for cosmetic purposes.

In addition, Tatiana has its own farms, operating on a self-sustainable farming philosophy.



On a planet as snugly populated as Tatiana, government is a relatively easy process to identify with; everything within a city falls under individual municipal department head or mayor, while everything beyond that falls under the world's governor, who resides in the Valhalla's spire building and directly oversees the mayors. The Governor, of course, heeds then the empire.


Tatiana is an extremely planned colony, taking great steps to ensure it remains a beautiful utopia of a planet. This is at the cost of private construction as well as general time and management. All cities of the plant reside on the same settled continent and are universally the same; Large, disc-like cities that are fairly dense and are a mass of walk ways and light and heavy rail services. These urban centers are zoned and constructed in advance, with those who move into the buildings able to gently modify the construction as needed. One overriding characteristic of the cities, though, is the height of the buildings; buildings in the disc city begin to grow in height universally to the center, where a much more grand structure is placed and forms the pinnacle point of the city in question. (This is usually some corporate super structure, though in the case of the capital city, uncreatively named Valhalla, it is the Governor's “Palace” spire. In another, newer city made up of largely Yugumo cluster refugees, it happens to be one of the Legion spires.) This building edict gives the unique quality to allow citizens to simply go onto the roof of their homes and be able to look out from the city and see the lush country side, from anywhere they live.

The cities themselves have developed a somewhat cramped and noisy characteristic due to crowds of pedestrians, offsetting the more utopian, naturalist desires. This is on account of the cities themselves being very well populated and busy: there is a lot of people in a relatively small space! In reality the cities themselves retain the very clean, pollution-less desires and brim with life and beauty, such as flower beds and miniature parks.

Life outside of the cities, however, is very different. Nearly all of civilization on Tatiana is in these cities, with the rare few homes outside it heavily taxed. The country side has its fair share of facilities, though other than the massive planetary star port, solar farms and agricultural centers there is very little else, the rest of it all centered somewhere in the jungle-like cities.

There are, however, other centers of civilization on planet, largely illegal. Hostile Refugees, bandits, pirates, organized Mishhu remnants and so forth. With the heavy, planet-wide tree cover it isn't to difficult for these groups to remain hidden with a excruciatingly, and somewhat harmlessly, low profile.



One of Tatiana's many qualities if very evident the moment you arrive; there is no cars. There is no roads. All forms of transport are either foot traffic in the form of the many foot paths in the cities, light-rail transport in the city in the form of hanging trams over the aforementioned paths of heavy, speedy rail trains between cities and facilities. Past the variety of trains, the most you see out of a land vehicle are small wagons of some sort, wheeled or hovering, though these are moderated by the government and usually small, guided by a single person pushing or pulling it along the streets.

It should be noted that all form of rail transport is free, paid and run for by the planetary government, though businesses do pay a small tax to help fund the heavy rail services.


Air travel on Tatiana is almost non-existent and, in many circumstances, illegal. The massive star port moderates space craft in a small entry and exit window in the atmosphere, with other privately owned aerospace vehicles being severely taxed and largely only owned by people who already live out of the cities at great expense. Most of the few privately owned air vehicles are fishing vehicles, which are taxed lighter but heavily moderated. Another notable series of vehicles are worldly tour buses, which are similarly taxed slightly lighter.

However, government air vehicles are relatively common, though only in the form of emergency vehicles; aero-ambulances and police paddy wagons, for example. They are only used as needed, however, keeping the skies clear and untouched.


Sea travel is virtually unheard of; there are no cities on the coasts, nor is there very many with a river running through it. Any form of tourism is usually done by aerospace vehicles of some fashion. As a rule, sea travel is used on Tatiana by illegals for faster travel without as much risk of detection as the air has.


Tatiana is part of the PAINT mass transportation system and has a terminal operated by the Star Army of Yamatai. It has a flight to Amatsu-Yamatai, Yamatai (Planet) every two hours.

Civilian cargo shipping is primarily provided by Trinary Star Shipping, which has storefronts in all of the planet's major cities.


Tatiana has a very vivid and diverse population, filled with all sorts of creatures. While the vast majority of the population are of the “human” variety (Such as; Nepleslian, Human, Minkan, Jiyuuian and, to a much lesser extent, Nekovalkyrja, Elysian, Abwehran and Separa'Shan.) a few examples of every sort of species known to the empire can be found - They are not legally restricted, though life and culture is more comfortable for the mainstays of “humanity”. (The most radioactive Freespacers are barred on the spot, though.)

Being such an attractive, premium world, it is a common place for people to attempt to go to. Once the Mishhu occupation had subsided Tatiana's population swelled from a variety of refugees from the war, particularly Yugumo cluster refugees who found familiarity in the Nekovalkyrjian dislike common among the people. So much so, in fact, that the governor had to start turning people away and even deporting the homeless to other, grow worlds while Tatiana begin to build additional cities - A painstakingly slow process.

While Tatiana wasn't founded to long ago, it has continued several deep, cultural histories from its many different immigrants. If it exists out there in the known universe, it may very well have an established ghetto somewhere on Tatiana.


An alarmingly common ideology among the Tatiana people is dislike for Nekovalkyrians of all sorts, with Yamataians and Minkans getting a slight, though substantially less, sense of distrust with association. Seeing the Neko as little more as war machines wiping out any form of cultural identify humanity had, it is uncommon but not unheard of to see bullying and slurs thrown at Nekos. As a result, it isn't considered a very safe place to live for them over somewhere such as Yamatai, though notably this doesn't stop more aggressive Neko who tend to respond in kind and perpetuate the problem. The current governor, Saiga Tokiko, has made it a pinnacle issue to put a stop to this, or at least temper it. Time will tell how effective this is, especially given the many new post-war occupants.

Post-occupation Tatiana also has a minor faction of people who have developed an anti-empire attitude for both causing their occupation as well as only saving them out of it once the Mishhu retreated. This has especially fostered given the Mishhu's rather humane treatment of Tatiana, though this is a rather unique for the world. However, this level of dissent has never moved to anything physical beyond outspoken civilians and somewhat harmless grumbling.

Economy & Industry

Tatiana strives on one important thing; Independence; to be able to be self-sufficient and its own world, especially during and after the Mishhu occupation.

It fails.

While the world has a massive commercial and (self-sustainable-only) agricultural backbone, with the former able to fuel the better part of a empire's needed office workers and other sorts of bureaucracy, the draconian laws and regulations against pollution and construction mean that heavy industry is almost unheard of on Tatiana. Industry instead takes the form of minor workhouses and light factories within cities at best. This means the world relies on trade for its heavier goods and resources, though does otherwise manage pretty well for itself.

In particular, post-occupation with the destruction of empire assets all around, Tatiana boomed in to a commercial power-house for all sorts of corporations and business assets. With plenty of accommodating zoning and even more eager workers, it was a easy match.

Due to this, as well as the planet's general very mixed, diverse population, it is among one of the planets in the empire that universally adopts a actual paying economy, paying for both goods and services instead of a more simplistic bartering, lifestyle or favor based one like much of the empire, the planet Yamatai in particular, has developed. It gives the planet a very different feel over its neighboring cousins - not that it isn't rife with its own unique qualities and issues.

Trivia & Assorted


The police force of the world is massive, with plenty of officers wandering the many path ways of the city. The crimes that do happen tend to be swiftly apprehended by sheer police volume and presence. However, this sense of safety is only really true within the cities and the star port - The illegals outside of the city generally go unmolested. This has begun to change with the Legion's post-occupation deployment on Tatiana, however.


Of note, Tatiana is not powered based on aether since after a Mishhu enforced edict to dismantle the generators during the occupation. Instead, they operate sprawling solar farms, easily powering the small civilization's needs. Post-occupation, the planet's aether generators were reinstalled, though they remain unused except when absolutely required, such as critical emergencies or the like. The solar power works just fine, after all.


While Tatiana was occupied rather early on in the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, it didn't suffer much of a ill fate unlike other, similarly occupied worlds. While the planet was bombarded during the invasion, the civil center was quick to surrender after the military fleet assets were destroyed. Due to the neighboring closeness of Yamataian strongholds, Mishhu could never safely commit troops to land and enslave the planet's occupants, instead giving them a curiously unmolested life style. While helpless and forced by the ominous floating figures in the sky to follow Mishhu desires, the acting governor had struck a deal to provide food and other simple services for safety. The deal stuck. For the most part - Parasites and other Mishhu creatures are still found on Tatiana today.

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