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Elves have been native to Yamatai (Planet) since before the original colonists arrived. The elves were often used as slaves-in fact, most of the elf population around the western part of the main continent were imported from other worlds. In the year YE 12, the remnants of the Army of Uesureya conquered the Republic of Xiuluria, which brought an end to the slaver runs there. Since then, the elves have been allowed to run pretty much autonomously. Elves are renowned for their high level of special abilities. Many elves devote immense amounts of time to the study of β€œmagic.”


There are two types of elves on Yamatai: mud elves and tree elves. Mud elves have pale blue, green, gold, or gray skin, with dark hair (brown or black). Mud elf ears are short and almond-shaped. Tree elves have brown, tan, gray, or flesh skin, and long pointy ears, with a wide range of hair colors (pretty much everything but purple and blue)..


Elves have strong family and religious ties. The majority of the elves practice a form of nature-worshipping, and they respect their elders, especially in their families.


The Nekovalkyrja compose the majority of the Star Army manpower, but elves also make up a small portion, mostly in the Star Army Fourth Fleet.


An Imperial government formerly controlled by a β€œLord Emperor,” now by a council of Star Army Fleet Admirals. Most elves owe their highest allegiance to their family. All YSE citizens may submit and vote on legislation. Xiulurian elves vote on a village elder, and the village elders have a conclave in which they vote on matters based on the population on their villages. Xiuluria is a part of the YSE, but is generally left alone.


Elves are known for food exports, wood crafting, mining, and terrestrial/sub terrestrial architecture. Also, the elves are often sought for their β€œmagic” potions and remedies.

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