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Flags of the Yamatai Star Empire

The Yamatai Star Empire uses various flags to represent itself.

National Flag

This is the Yamatai Star Empire's primary flag, as approved by the Empress of Yamatai, Himiko I, in YE 36. It has a 2×3 rectangular shape.

:Flag of Yamatai

The flag of Yamatai is a white circle, bordered in red and containing a Platycodon grandiflorus, set against a blue background (hex code #223460). The blue background symbolizes the vast sea of stars surrounding Yamatai, while the white circle symbolizes Yamatai's peaceful and prosperous sphere of influence, with the red border symbolizing the sacrifice of Yamatai's soldiers who fight for the Empire. The bellflower is the symbol of the Empress, and represents life and culture.

White in the center of the flower may be replaced by pale yellow or metallic gold on fancier flags. It is authorized to put a fringe of metallic gold tassels on the edge of display flags used by the government or military.

The center part of the flag appears as a roundel on Yamataian government starships:

Flag centerpiece

Uniforms of the Star Army of Yamatai are the same color as the Yamataian flag.


Here's some animations of the YSE flag:

Old National Flag

This was the national flag of the Yamatai Star Empire from YE 20 (OOC March 6, 2003) to YE 36. Because it was commonly used and has only recently been replaced, it is still seen flying in many places throughout the empire.

The flag consisted of a detailed Platycodon grandiflorus (Japanese Bellflower) on a blue background, flanked by the characters for β€œHisshou,” meaning β€œCertain victory,” in red. It was in a 5×8 rectangle.

Reasons it was replaced included:

  • Having text on it was not ideal
  • The flower was too detailed and used too many colors, making it difficult to reproduce.
  • The red text did not have very good contrast with the background.
  • The flower and the background did not have great contrast with each other.

Military Flags

The Yamatai Star Empire also has multiple flags used by its military.

Star Army of Yamatai

The flag of the Star Army of Yamatai matches its uniform colors and features the Star Army Hinomaru.

Like the national flag, it's permitted to include gold fringe on Star Army of Yamatai flags meant for display.

Star Army of Yamatai Officers

Officers of the Star Army of Yamatai also are permitted rank flags. See Star Army Ranks for a guide.

Star Army Starship Ensign

This flag is an ensign of the Star Army of Yamatai. See: Star Army Hinomaru.

OOC Notes

Authored by Wes and approved by Nashoba on August 25, 20141)

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