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YSS Nadare

The YSS Nadare, NF-S4-02, was built in YE 30, especially for the Fourth Fleet by Ketsurui Fleet Yards.

In the latter part of YE 32, she was destroyed in the assault on Bizankro System (Forum Post).

About the Nadare

It was a variant of the type-D refit, with her own personal enhancements added to the vessel. She was a Chiharu-class Flagship, and the temporary command vessel for the Fourth Standard Fleet while a more bold design for combative fleets is perfected.

Nadare means 'Avalanche' in Yamataian.

The Nadare in Roleplay

The YSS Nadare was part of the Fourth Fleet Roleplay. It ended Feb 2010. It was started by Lilly and concluded by Nashoba. This ship was being used until a more updated command vessel can be finished, and when the 4th SF has an assignment that requires personal attention from the Taisho and her staff. This was an 18+ rated ship.


The Nadare is long, pointed, and very sleek, like a spear tip stretching across space. Its underside contains a large sensor dish. From the top rear center emerges a beautiful superstructure. (Has custom paint haven't decided yet)

(An example of a Chiharu)


The Nadare was built in YE 30 by Ketsurui Fleet Yards.

YE 30

  • Construction finished early YE 30
  • Destroyed Freespacer Defenses, rendered humanitarian aid at Halna in Operation: Falling Star
  • Created a new headquarters at the Taiie Nebula
  • Participated in pursuit of UOC Pirates near Taiie
  • Attended Second International Relations Conference

YE 31

YE 32

  • Lost at Bizankro


Fourth Standard Fleet Operation ??- Falling Star

Former Crew

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