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Bizankro System

Bizranko is a star system outside the Great Southern Nebula, about 44 light-years east-southeast of Yamatai. It has been the sight of many battles. There was one habitable planet in the system, where there was a major SMX depot from YE 29 to YE 32. It was the site of a concealed underground laboratory.

Planet Bizankro was destroyed by Black Spiral's 44th Fireteam.

Fun fact: Bizankro is often mispronounced, and misspelled, as β€œBizranko.”


Sometime during the First Mishhuvurthyar War, before YE 29, the Bizankro system was taken from the Yamatai Star Empire by the SMX who used it as a depot and staging ground for their invasions, as well as a shipyard for the Shlarvasseroth-class Flagship used by Melisson.

YC-28 launched a PANTHEON's Eye Covert Sensor Probe near this system. YSS Asamoya and YSS Asuka planned to make a raid on the system.

A Fifth Expeditionary Fleet task force was intended to attack the Mishhuvurthyar assets at Bizankro but was diverted to travel to Yamatai (Planet) to confront Emperor Kitsurugi Uesu. This confrontation led to Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko becoming Empress. After the change of power, Bizankro became β€œlow priority.”

In mid YE 32, the Fourth Fleet had a space battle with the NMX in the Bizankro system and suffered heavy losses for a marginal victory there. 675 warships were launched in the offensive in what was to be a surprise attack. The 4SF encountered heavy resistance and only 247 warships returned. Despite the heavy losses of ships and soldiers; the 4SF was able to take out the Depot. In the battle, Taisho Shimizu-Motoyoshi Akina (ζΈ…ζ°΄ζœ¬ε‰ζ˜Žθœ) was captured. (Fourth Fleet Roleplay)

In late YE 32, the YSS Eucharis encountered a scout ship, followed by reinforcements, in the Bizankro system, while retrieving an old Chibi-MEGAMI probe there that was launched by the YSS Miharu in YE 29. (Eucharis Mission 11.1)

In mid-YE 34, a Black Spiral fireteam was assigned to a covert mission to infiltrate the remnants of the depot, which Black Spiral believed to be the site of an NMX research facility specializing in Nekovalkyrja. The fireteam's mission was to capture data about the Rewriter Virus, a malicious program targeting Nekovalkyrja Operating System, and bring it back to Black Spiral so scientists could create a vaccine. After discovering the data and nearly being overwhelmed by supposedly infected Nekovalkyrja, the team escaped before an aetheric forge self-destructed. The planet was destroyed.

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