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YSS Asamoya

The second prototype of the Himiko-class Light Escort built by Ketsurui Fleet Yards in YE 29. It is registered as part of the First Expeditionary Fleet as NJ-X1-10 and was commanded by Yuriko Towa.

Asamoya In Roleplay

The Asamoya was primarily a JP (Joint Post) Plotship. It began August 28, 2007 and ended April 11, 2008, lasting 7 months and 15 days.

The Asamoya appeared in the roleplay briefly in the YSS Eucharis plot when the Eucharis visited it in YE 30 (late 2008).

The Asamoya's next appearance was in early 2013 in the Black Knights plot.

Asamoya's History

The YSS Asamoya was built in YE 29 as the second prototype to the Himiko-class Light Escort, and to its sister ship, the YSS Miharu. This prototype takes several different approaches compared to its sister, the YSS Miharu. Instead of retaining the armor thickness of the Miharu, it was decided to reduce the thickness, to 100cm of the YSS Miharu's impressive 150cm thick armor plating as the armor accounts for a good portion of the ship's mass. Smaller engines were installed, and thusly the power shortage problem of the Asamoya's sister ship seemed to be lessened, or solved as it could now, fire its weapons, maintain its shields, deploy its weapon pods, and move at a fair pace all at once.

The Asamoya was put under the command of Shoi Yuriko Towa as her second command in YE 29. The following day, Shoi Yuriko Towa sent a request to the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet's Kage Yaichiro for assistance in helping with the experimental technologies aboard her ship. The first day of YE 30 the Asamoya set out on its maiden voyage, but has run into trouble already, having responded to a distress call from a Fifth Expeditionary Fleet scout, the YSS Akina. After a furious exchange between the crew of the Asamoya, and the Mishhuvurthyar aboard the Akina, the scout was finally retaken. The Asamoya also detected humanoid life signs on board of the damaged SMX Carrier, a strike force was assembled, and sent over. The strike force encountered Mishhuvurthyar still alive on board, but dispatched them with the aid of several groups of ships from the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet. Upon further exploration, the team found several holding cells filled with prisoners, and promptly freed them. Afterwards the carrier was turned over to the Fifth, and the Asamoya continued onto its destination, the Yugumo Cluster.

After arriving the crew took a brief respite, only to be seen as outcasts due to the events at the Battle of Taiie. However, these views would change as the commander of the Asamoya saved the life of the then, Shosa Motoyoshi Misato from an attempted assassination. Afterwards an SMX force arrived at the Yugumo Cluster and began to engage the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet. While not their battle, the YSS Asamoya participated, intent on showing them that they intended to change the Fifth's views on the other fleets. A ferocious battle was waged, but Jiyuu System was saved, and the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet suffered barely any losses thankfully. Once the battle was over, the then Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko issued the Asamoya orders. Establish an outpost in the Yuukan system, and analyze it for its mineral worth.

The crew of the Asamoya left soon after beginning their journey. Outside of the Yuukan system they encountered a small force of SMX ships, and engaged them in combat. Shosa Motoyoshi Misato arrived on the scene and assisted in repelling, and ultimately defeating them before pushing onward into the system. Further into the system the Asamoya and now with a small attachment of two Sakura-class Gunships detected strange energy emissions coming from within the asteroid belt of the system.Upon detailed scans, another detachment of SMX ships were found near the source of the energy emissions. The Asamoya and her escorts lured the bulk of the detachment near the outer planetoid belt of the system, tricking them as they engaged the sole SMX vessel remaining. A Battleship, after a brief, but fierce fight, the battleship was destroyed, however the remaining SMX ships caught onto the scheme and began to make their way back, only to encounter a SD Torpedo that had been deployed by the Asamoya earlier. With the SMX ships disabled, they were easily picked off.

A large force of power armors was put together, and a battle was waged inside of the now known SMX asteroid base. After a long fight, it was finally theirs, and with that, the entirety of the Yuukan system.

After this mission, a new one arose. Another of exploration. This time however south of the Yugumo cluster. The crew of the Asamoya, now with a strike force of nine ships under her command struck out southward into the unknown. On their journey they ran across an Ender Class-Escort vessel, an old design by current Star Army of Yamatai standards… Once they had caught up to, and boarded it, they found something astonishing. The ship had in fact been missing since the Battle of Ralfaris, and as it turned out there were survivors from that battle still on board, alive…

Shortly there after the Asamoya returned to Yamatai for a little R&R, it was there that the Taii met her new pilot, Yamazaki Eve (山﨑). Afterwards a proposal was sent to both Taisho Ketsurui Yui, and the then Empress Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko , a plan that involved a rescue attempt on someone from some of the crew's past… The mission was approved, and the only thing remaining was to enter Nepleslian Space, permission was granted, and the Asamoya met up with the 2nd Assault Fleet under command of Grand Admiral Vladimirus Corcyra. The Taii met with the Grand Admiral, discussed and arranged the attempt. The man went along with it and soon they were at Hukka

Once the rescue was over, many of the ship's crew changed allegiances to the United Outer Colonies. Asamoya was returned to the Star Army of Yamatai where a general wartime personnel shortage and other setback resulted it it being left out-of-commission for over a year. During this time, the YSS Eucharis raided the ship for supplies such as power armor weaponry and space suits.

Dimensions and Crew Compliment

  • Type: Type 29 Nekovalkyrja Experimental Escort
  • Class: Ke-C3X-1B
  • Designer: Star Army Research Administration
  • Manufacturer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards
  • Production: The YSS Asamoya is currently the only one of its kind, as it is a prototype.
  • Crew: A minimum of one operator, Standard Crew is 8 (two shifts of three, a cook and a captain)
  • Pilots: 5 Officers, 16 enlisted. Total of 21 when fully manned.
  • Maximum Capacity: Standard accommodations are for 34 crewmembers. The ship can convert its internal room layout to accomodate enlisted quarters into 4-bunk rooms, officer quarters into 6-bunk rooms and passenger suites into 8-bunk rooms to support up to 164 crew. Maximum capacity is 320.


Main Hull + Auxiliary Ship

Length: 218 meters Width: 131 meters Height: 31 meters Decks: 3

Mass: 4 634 057 kg (4,403.218 tonnes)

Main Hull only

Length: 169 meters Width: 131 meters Height: 31 meters Decks: 3

Mass: 4 403 218 kg

Auxiliary Ship only

Length: 150 meters Width: 42 meters Height: 7 meters Decks: 1

Mass: 230 839 kg


Main Hull + Auxiliary Ship or Main Hull only

  • Speed (STL): 0.341c
  • Speed (CFS): 0.01 to 12,833c (1.46 ly/hr) using combined distortion system.
  • Speed (Hyperspace Fold): 210,834c (0.40 LY/min)
  • Speed (Aerial): Mach 8 in atmosphere (With shields). The ship has landing gear and full VTOL capability.
  • Speed (Water): Up to 41 knots underwater. Can float on the surface with its anti-gravity generators.

Main Hull + Auxiliary Ship (powered by auxiliary hull only)

  • Speed (STL): 0.04c
  • Speed (CFS): 0.01 to 3,652.5c (10 ly/day) using combined distortion system.
  • Speed (Hyperspace Fold): N/A
  • Speed (Aerial): 516kph (320mph) in atmosphere. The ship has landing gear and full VTOL capability.
  • Speed (Water): Up to 20 knots underwater. Can float on the surface with its anti-gravity generators.

Auxiliary Ship only

  • Speed (STL): 0.3c
  • Speed (CFS): 0.01 to 11,666c (1.33 ly/hr) using combined distortion system.
  • Speed (Hyperspace Fold): N/A
  • Speed (Aerial): Mach 12 in atmosphere. The ship has landing gear and full VTOL capability.
  • Speed (Water): Up to 50 knots underwater. Can float on the surface with its anti-gravity generators.

Additional Information

  • Range (Distance): Limited only by the lifespan of the vessel. Crew can be put in stasis indefinitely.
  • Range (Support): The vessel should replenish life support at least every year to insure higher quality of life.
  • Lifespan: The vessel is expected to operate for 5 years of constant use.
  • Refit Cycle: Frequent modifications to increase the ship's performance. The vessel is a prototype testing new technologies: flaws are expected. Complete overhaul planned in YE 30, based on observations of how the ship will perform in the field.

Inside of the Asamoya

The inside of the Asamoya is nearly identical to the other Himiko-class Light Escort prototype, the YSS Miharu


There have however been some changes concerning the ship's systems. Several new, experimental new systems have been added to the Asamoya's design. It being a prototype, this means that new technologies would be tested aboard it.

Energized Armor: By using the internal forcefield system of the Asamoya a coherent energy field is formed about the hull of the ship. Should the primary shields fail, this is accentually a backup.

InterPhasic Drive: This is basically the same technology used by the Mishhuvurthyar scout vessels to 'phase' out of normal space. However, this can only phase the ship temporarily, as the technology is not perfected.

Transfer Chamber: Similar to the transposition weapons like the Legacy cannons, it grabs a power armor standing in a chamber and transfers it without needing to have a module as elaborate as the Mindy's teleportation module and allow non-teleporting armors such as Daisies to be sent out. The strategic possibilities of this device include sending a power armor with a fully charged teleportation module, allowing it to teleport back immediately should things become too bad.

Crew of the YSS Asamoya

At present, no personnel are permanently assigned to the YSS Asamoya.

Open Positions

Previous Crew Members

Ship Manifest

Crew Quarters

Quarters are numbered Even on the right and Odd on the Left of each corridor. Also, Port is Left, Starboard is Right.

Quarters are assigned by MEGAMI

Passenger Suites

  • Port Passenger Suite
  • Starboard Passenger Suite

Officer Quarters

  • Port Officer Quarters One
  • Port Officer Quarters Two
  • Starboard Officer Quarters One
  • Starboard Officer Quarters Two

Enlisted Quarters

  • Starboard Enlisted Quarters One
  • Starboard Enlisted Quarters Two
  • Starboard Enlisted Quarters Three
  • Starboard Enlisted Quarters Four
  • Starboard Enlisted Quarters Five
  • Starboard Enlisted Quarters Six
  • Starboard Enlisted Quarters Seven
  • Starboard Enlisted Quarters Eight
  • Starboard Enlisted Quarters Nine
  • Starboard Enlisted Quarters Ten
  • Starboard Enlisted Quarters Eleven
  • Starboard Enlisted Quarters Twelve
  • Port Enlisted Quarters One
  • Port Enlisted Quarters Two
  • Port Enlisted Quarters Three
  • Port Enlisted Quarters Four
  • Port Enlisted Quarters Five
  • Port Enlisted Quarters Six
  • Port Enlisted Quarters Seven
  • Port Enlisted Quarters Eight
  • Port Enlisted Quarters Nine
  • Port Enlisted Quarters Ten
  • Port Enlisted Quarters Eleven
  • Port Enlisted Quarters Twelve


Officer Quarters

  • Officer Quarters One
  • Officer Quarters Two

Enlisted Quarters

  • Enlisted Quarters One
  • Enlisted Quarters Two
  • Enlisted Quarters Three
  • Enlisted Quarters Four

Cargo Storage


  • Starboard Storage: Nodal Base Material, Repair Materials
  • Port Storage: Nodal Base Material, Repair Materials


  • Starboard Storage: Empty
  • Port Storage: Repair Materials, Medical Supplies, Foodstuffs, Environmental Suits and gear



Weapons Lockers

Locations: There are two per deck, on each side of the prow-toward-stern entry into the Main Passageway.


  • Empty


Starboard Armory
  • Empty
Port Armory
  • Empty

Multi-Function Bays


Starboard Bay* 1x Ke-T4 "Fox" Combat Aeroshuttle Port Bay Houses the Transfer Chamber


Starboard Bay Empty Port Bay Houses the Transfer Chamber

Vehicle Complement


Starboard Bay

Capacity: Ten Power Armors

  • Empty
Port Bay

Capacity: Ten Power Armors

  • Empty

Torpedo Storage

  • None present

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