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Black Knights

The Black Knights (Kuro no Kishi) is the continuity of the YSS Miharu and 44th Fireteam plots.

RPG Rating1): L1, S2, V3


Her days numbered, Princess Kotori seeks to engage an ancient menace that has lurked throughout history. A host of warriors - her Black Knights - help carry the burden of such an ambition, carving for her a path of blood leading to the evil behind all the puppet strings. This is their story.

This plot is centered around adventures and experiences of a crew of Star Army soldiers that have been assigned to serve and watch over the Yamataian princess Kotori. The plot was started by Fred in September 2012.


The plot is currently run from a Discord server, where the participants jointly write on an interactive pad.

Posting Expectations

Typically, the GM tags players that ought to be involved and they are expected to post within the week. Within 3 days would be desirable, but due to COVID-19 upheavals, this expectation was relaxed.


Thread 4.1 (Untitled)

Kotori directed a mission which placed her vessel directly in open conflict with Black Spiral. The goal was to find evidence that the black ops organization may have been involved in a previous attempt on Empress Himiko's life back when she made an appearance to christen the Y.S.S. Himiko

They found said evidence during a raid on an Ikoi station staffed with Black Spiral personnel, but the ensuing coming of blows cost the crew of the Miharu. Though the cruiser came ahead in the fighting, military police appeared and it was announced that the Ketsurui clan disavowed Kotori's actions, disowning her in the process. To appease the MP forces, Kotori surrendered to arrest, trusting that her crew would present the incriminating evidence at her trial to exonerate her actions.

However, the MP squadron never made it to friendly space: the squadron's ships were found destroyed, with Kotori presumed dead. The crew is now back on Yamatai, trying to piece together clues that some outside factor might have staged Kotori's death - trusting that somehow she is too valuable for the opposition to kill.

Black Knights joining requirements

As the plot requires players to be on top of their game with the intrigues involved, Fred heartily recommends that any appliquant already be SARP veterans.

No positions are open at this time, the plot's 'main cast' is full.

Ketsurui Kotori

YSS Miharu II


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