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Black Spiral 44th Fireteam

The 44th Fireteam was a special operations unit belonging to Black Spiral. The team was formed around the Star Army of Yamatai's Chusa Yukari Freeman and reported directly to Taisa Nagase Nagako.

44th Fireteam in the Roleplay

The 44th Fireteam was the setting of a plot by Doshii Jun. It was a closed SP/JP plot, with a per-player posting rate of once per week.

The plot revolved around several themes, including but not limited to: Nekovalkyrja origins, Neko psychology, old wounds of the Yamatai Star Empire, nonpower-armored combat, low-technology environments, horror and, most importantly, character development.


Former crewmembers of the YSS Miharu were targeted and emotionally manipulated by Black Spiral into a suicide mission to attack the SMX depot on Bizankro.

The primary objective was to obtain information on a new weapon called the “Rewriter Virus,” a string of Nekovalkyrja Operating System code wirelessly transmitted between Neko. The code revises the functions of the nanomachines that make up the Nekovalkyrja's body; it was speculated that the code can modify anything physical or mental. The only confirmed example was a Neko who had developed cancerous tumors and lesions that wouldn't heal. Unconfirmed examples included Yamataian men whose bodies seemed to overheat from the inside, and oddly manipulated Neko.

Tested by Black Spiral's leader, the newly minted 44th Fireteam fought its way out of the Black Spiral's base, stole a starship, and fled Yamatai. The vessel had no food and little water, but was packed to the brim with handheld weapons, along with a certain tank. With these assets, the team forged on.

The assault on the Bizankro depot was a confused, haphazard attack. The team had little intelligence before the attack, and events inside changed the operation's scope within an hour of its beginning. Y. Freeman was split from her team, who plunged into the depot to find evidence of the virus.

The team encountered several experiments on Type 29 Nekovalkyrja VII, including physical damage tests and Neko OS hacking. Testing also was done on a Nightmare. The labs themselves featured advanced equipment, but didn't suggest great understanding of the Nekovalkyrja frame until the team reached a soul-dubbing lab, likely established by Dr. Nobumoto Shinichiro.

Combined with Freeman's findings in Shinichiro's personal laboratory, the team confirmed the following:

  1. The Rewriter Virus was not intended to be a weapon, but a method for Shinichiro to extract a certain code out of the Nekovalkyrja OS called the “Sanctuary Effect.” Described by Shinichiro, the Sanctuary Effect somehow guides a Neko back to preloaded coordinates that are off the established galactic map of YE 36.
  2. Soul-dubbing, an already highly painful and damaging process to the original Neko, can be used to degrade a Neko OS down to less complicated components. Shinichiro used this to find parts of the Sanctuary Effect.
  3. Remnants of the SMX also are trying to find the Sanctuary Effect in their own Neko to find what's known as the “True Lands,” the source of the True Nekovalkyrja Empire.
  4. The “energy draining” effect on Bizankro somehow was linked to a KAMI unit named “Niro” running the installation. This suggests Nagase's own energy-draining power is linked to a similar unit.

The team, later reunited, fought its way back up to the top of the installation and barely escaped with their lives. Because of damage to the ship and Nagase's poor stocking of the ship, the crew had to develop a new stasis technique using hemosynth tubes to travel across space for two years before reaching a friendly port. SAINT was remarkably short with its brief, and the group returned to Yamatai.

The primary antagonists were Nagase and Shinichiro, a former PNUgen scientist, president and the "father" of all Nekovalkyrja.

The primary protagonists are below, but also included Miharu Clan members Nimura, Suzume and Tori.

Team Members

SAoY Rank Name ID Class Player Orders
Chusa Suzuka Yukari Shosa Team Leader Doshii Jun (GM) (Orders Link)
Ittô Juni Tom Freeman Juni Combat Engineer Tom (Orders Link)
Jôtô Heisho Miharu Yuzuki Berserk Combat Engineer Gallant (Orders Link)
Nitô Heisho Rolf Eastwood Thane Heavy Weapon Bilgecrank (Orders Link)
Nitô Hei Kurusu Ruri Curse Riflewoman Soresu (Orders Link)

Current Inventory (Weapons)

The following inventory is subject to change until the plot begins.

Bladed weapons

Slug-based weapons

Energy-based weapons


Type 31 Explosives

Other Equipment

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