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Star Army Scalar Pulse Grenade, Type 30

The Type 30 Scalar Pulse Grenade is a thrown hand grenade designed to cause harmful effects by using an electrogravitic pulse (as opposed to an electromagetic pulse like the Star Army Electromagnetic Pulse Grenade, Type 30). It is used by the Star Army of Yamatai.

Instead of exploding, it emits a Scalar Field when triggered. The scalar field will kill vehicle crews and infantry (power armor or no power armor), detonate fuels and explosives, fry electronics, ignite combustibles, destroy ablative armor, and all the other stuff scalar weapon normally do.

The grenade is a white sphere with an orange stripe around it.

It is activated by yanking a loop of string out from the top, which closes an interior electric circuit. These grenades have an estimated lifespan of about 50 years.

Effective Radius: 5 meters.

OOC Notes

Article by Wes.

Grenade artwork by Simon Valev, commissioned by Wes in October 2015.

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Product Categoriesweapons: grenades
Product NameStar Army Scalar Pulse Grenade, Type 30
ManufacturerStar Army of Yamatai
Year ReleasedYE 30

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