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Type 34 Multi-Function Bracelet

The Type 34 Multi-Function Bracelet (MFB) is loosely based upon the Multi-Function Bracelet design originally conceived by Yuriko Towa. It is manufactured by Kessaku Systems for use by the Star Army of Yamatai and first became available in YE 34.

About the Type 34 Multi-Function Bracelet

This new incarnation of the original Multi-Function Bracelet was designed primarily by Murasaki Emiko, though the base technologies are largely derived from earlier Star Army devices. The MFB is an incredibly advanced combination of compact hardware, created in a form similar to that of a bracelet or a wrist-watch. It is intended as a replacement for the original Multi-Function Bracelet, amalgamating the functions of the Star Army Communicator, Type 29 and several other hand-held devices. The design incorporates all of the basic functions available in a normal computer terminal, allowing the user to access digital information and utilize a wide variety of software without having to carry around larger and more awkward devices like electronic pads or laptops. It bares a number of similarities to the MT-G1-1A - Personal Holographic Computer (PHC) developed by Murasaki Technologies, though it incorporates more advanced military-grade technologies. The device's components are spread throughout the central case and inside the links of the wrist-band. Because it is a military tool, the casing is intended to be fairly durable – allowing the MFB to continue its normal functions whilst exposed to mud, ice, scorching heat, water, and vacuum.

Like the original, user interaction can be accomplished via the projected volumetric display interface or through the use of vocal or telepathic instructions.

The Type 34 Multi-Function Bracelet comes in two variants, the 1a which is available for all Star Army personnel, and the 1b which includes additional espionage-related functions and is restricted for use by Star Army Intelligence operatives only1).


Ke-G7-1A - Type 34 Multi-Function Bracelet

Like the original, Type 34 features a highly compact design despite the plethora of features that it possesses, integrating all its components into a device vaguely resembling a bracelet or a digital watch. MFB's can be acquired in glossy black, white, gunmetal gray, or gold coloration depending on the preferences of the owner. The volumetric displays projected by the device's holographic systems can also be tailored to suit the user's preferences, allowing them to adjust the size, color, shape, and orientation. A small speaker, camera, audio receiver, power button, data cube port, and a cable lead port are also located upon the central case between the wrist-bands.

Statistics and Performance

General Information


Band Length: 25 cm (9.84 in) Case Width: 4 cm (1.57 in) Case Depth: 0.5 cm (0.19 in) Mass: 131 grams (4.61 ounces)


Both Ke-G7-1A and Ke-G7-1B
  • Non-volitional artificial intelligence
  • Programmable password security feature
  • Secure wireless communication via subspace, radio, and telepathy
  • Integrated speaker and microphone for audio communication
  • Hi-resolution camera and video recording capability
  • Psionic signal control
  • Fully customizable, an interactive holographic interface
  • Can be operated by encrypted telepathy or by operator's voice
  • Translation in real-time for all major languages
  • Data cube and cable ports for direct information transfer
  • Rechargeable power cell. Provides approximately one day of continuous use. Three weeks in standby mode
  • Whilst on Star Army of Yamatai vessels, the device can be powered wirelessly
  • Able to communicate with computers, networks, and various -IES including:
  • Bioelectromagnetic life-sign sensor. 10 Meter range
  • Energy emission sensor. Capable of detecting and analyzing electromagnetic and ionizing radiation nearby
  • Can create a simple holographic ball of white light within 2 meters of the user, serving in the same capacity as a flashlight.
Ke-G7-1B Only
  • Biometric scan-lock restricts use to authorized personnel only. The device requires an 8-10 second DNA scan before activation within which the user's identity is verified. Unauthorized use or physical tampering with the internal components will result in an automated self-destruction response in which the device's internal components and stored data are destroyed.
  • Electronic hacking software. Provided the user has enough time, potentially allows the user to bypass security features, including:
    • Electronic locks
    • Security doors
    • Biometric scan-locks
    • Audio and Visual Sensors
  • Homing beacon. A tiny tracer that can be set to activate when it receives a specific coded signal, or to broadcast continuously. Its signal can be picked up by radio emission scanners up to 200 kilometers away. Optionally, the user can disable this function to avoid detection.
  • Counter-surveillance sensors and software. Detects and locates various kinds of transmitters (infrared, sonic, radio, neutrino, and tachyon), microphones, comm taps, recorders, sound detectors, and other bugs. Locating a bug involves sweeping the room with the MFB device as these sensors have less than a 1-meter range.
  • Pink noise emitter. When active, prevents audio surveillance devices from picking up anything but static within three meters of the MFB. It will jam the listening ability of generally any bug or security surveillance device – but not visual sensors.
  • Holographic stealth capability. The MFB can be disguised as an ordinary wrist-watch or piece of jewelry, or rendered completely invisible.

OOC Notes

Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass N - MISC
First UsedYE 34
Last ReviewYE 34
Products & Items Database
Product Categorieselectronics
Product NameType 34 Multi-Function Bracelet
ManufacturerKessaku Systems
Price (KS)2 ,875.00 KS
In YE 40 a limited number of bracelets were provided to Star Army Reconnaissance for use in missions behind enemy lines after a request was sent to Taisho Ketsurui Yui. See

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