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Murasaki Emiko

Murasaki Emiko is a player character played by Khasidel.

Murasaki Emiko (紫 慧美冴)
Murasaki Emiko
Species: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33
Gender: Female
Age: 21 Years Old (Born YE 13)
Height: 5'4“ (162.6 cm)
Weight: 137 lbs (62.14 kg)
Organization: Star Army Reserve, Murasaki Clan
Occupation: Technician
Rank: Nitô Heisho Nitô Heisho
Current Placement: Fort Victory Reserve Center
Nickname / Callsign: Tenshi

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'4” (162.6 cm) Mass: 137 lbs (62.14 kg) Build and Skin Color: Emiko has a distinct hourglass figure with a generously sized bust as well as wide hips. Her build is athletic and slender, but not unduly muscular. Her skin-tone was formerly rather pale due to living almost exclusively aboard ships and stations, but this has been somewhat remedied during her transfer to an Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 body and some extended planet-side Star Army training. Her skin is otherwise without visible blemish.

Eyes and Facial Features: Emiko's facial features are those of a youthful and beautiful female with Japanese facial characteristics. Her apparent physical age is that she is in her late-teens to early-twenties. The color of her irises are a deep emerald not unlike that of a verdant forest canopy.

Hair Color and Style: Emiko's hair color is an extremely dark violet bordering on black depending on how the light catches it. It is rather long and can reach to thigh length when she lets it hang loose, however she typically has it done up in a pony-tail which hangs to the small of her back. Emiko also has a pair of long bangs beside her eyes, that reach just beyond chin length.

Distinguishing Features: None.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Emiko is kind, passionate, but also somewhat mischievous and opinionated. She has spent nearly her entire life aboard starships and orbital installations and thus she is quite comfortable in space within the confines of starships. She has also traveled to numerous worlds and thus has become quite familiar with many starports and merchant trading posts.

She has a tendency to be vocal and argumentative during discussions; and unfortunately, sometimes displays the habit of speaking before thinking things the whole way through – which at times has gotten her into trouble. She also isn't afraid to butt-heads with others and almost never backs down from any kind of confrontation if she believes she is in the right. However, she has shown she is capable of admitting her mistakes when proved wrong and takes care not to allow her behavior to step over the lines into insubordination when dealing with her military superiors. Emiko is also fond of teasing behavior – especially with those she is close.

Emiko is quite interested in piloting various kinds of vessels, but her foremost love is engineering. She has a keen interest in various kinds of starship technology, and is knowledgeable in their creation, maintenance and use.

Due in part to the wealth of her family but mainly due to her migratory lifestyle Emiko has had few lasting relationships with those her own age – her primary relationships have been within her own clan, with their employees or other close associates. She is quite close to her older brother Toru, and prior to their mutual enlistment in the Star Army she was virtually inseparable from her younger brother Kenshin – Emiko often lead her little brother into and out of all kinds of trouble.

Likes: Engineering, science, piloting, fast ships, swimming, dancing, reading, loud music, soft drinks.

Dislikes: Alcohol, idiots, liars, laziness, rain, cowards, NMX.

Goals: Become a starship designer.



Clan: Murasaki

Immediate Family

  • Ryosei (Father)
  • Natsume (Mother)
  • Sozen (Brother)
  • Kimiko (Sister-In-Law)
  • Toru (Brother)
  • Aoi (Sister-In-Law)
  • Kenshin (Brother)


Emiko was born in YE 13 as a Human aboard White Harbor station, the civilian headquarters of the Murasaki Clan and their family corporate ventures. Emiko was the second-youngest child of four siblings – as such, she and her younger brother Kenshin were not expected to inherit the responsibility of running the families business ventures, which instead fell upon the shoulders of their elder siblings Sozen and Toru. Emiko and her brother Kenshin alternated living aboard White Harbor station and the flagship of their families merchant fleet, the freighter MKSS Ryokō which their mother Murasaki Natsume captained. Whilst the pair lived at White Harbor, the children had normal academic studies and some semblance of a traditional – albeit privileged – lifestyle. Whilst they lived aboard the Ryokō they were taught to work hard and trained in all the skills necessary for life aboard a merchant starship; from life-support maintenance, Cargo-handling and inventory up to and including piloting the ship and its support craft. The pair showed considerable affinity for starship piloting and engineering, with Kenshin most gifted in the former and Emiko in the latter. When the Yamataian body type became available, Emiko like most of her formerly Geshrin family had her consciousness and memories transferred to a new body.

In late YE 31 the MKSS Ryokō was attacked by Mishhuvurthyar raider ships during the outbreak of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, whilst performing its normal trading operations. Emiko and her brother Kenshin were aboard the vessel when it was crippled and almost destroyed by the attacking ships. If not for the intervention of the Star Army, Emiko, Kenshin and their mother Natsume along with the rest of the Ryokō's crew would most likely have perished. The renewal of war with the Mishhuvurthyar, their near deaths and the timely intervention of the Star Army prompted the two siblings to enlist in the military. Murasaki Emiko

In YE 32 Emiko and Kenshin both started their basic training. Upon her enlistment Emiko accepted a transfer to the NH-29 body type when the offer was made, primarily because having a neko's increased capabilities would better allow her to perform her military duties. During her training, Emiko concentrated on improving her technical expertise whilst her brother Kenshin concentrated on becoming a fighter pilot – though both individuals had the basic knowledge required for military service in either field.

In The Roleplay

The Liberation of Xylar Campaign

YE 33

YE 34

The YSS Aeon

  • After the events that took place in the Xylar System, Emiko was reassigned to the warship YSS Aeon.

Service Record


Item Type Quantity Reason/s
Star Army Service 1 Successful mission completion - (Toushi Pre-Mission 01 - The Wind At Our Backs)
Star Army Exploration 1 Participation in AX-02 Exploration
Star Army Experience 1

Skill Areas

Starship Operation

Emiko is an adept pilot who thanks to her training can utilize any of the smaller aerospace craft presently available for the Star Army of Yamatai. Her experience aboard the MKSS Ryokō supplemented by Star Army training has granted Emiko the skills required to handle the operations of larger starship classes like freighters, Cargo vessels and potentially military capital ships as well. She is experienced at both flying both kinds of craft within the vacuum of space and within atmospheres as well.

Maintenance and Repair

Emiko is highly proficient in maintenance and repair duties. Not only is she personally interested in starship technologies, much of her training has been for the operation, maintenance and repair of starship equipment since her early childhood. Her training has been extensive, and her experience with a variety of both civilian and military systems has given Emiko a broad base of technical knowledge to draw upon when it comes to adapting to new or different types of technology. Additionally, thousands of hours spent working with all manner of components aboard the MKSS Ryokō has granted Emiko a level of practical experience that has well prepared her for working on systems she is familiar with and to become acquainted with new ones.


Emiko, in a manner similar to her aptitude with maintenance and repair has become quite proficient with engineering. She is the technician most responsible for the development of the Ke-V9 "Nodachi" Assault Fighter and made contributions to the development of the Star Army V6E "Hayabusa" Starfighter. Emiko presently has several additional concepts that are bouncing around in her imagination, and possibly in the future she will put her engineering skills to use in order to breathe new life into her ideas.


As part of her basic Star Army training, Emiko has been trained in mathematics including algebra and trigonometry.

Emiko is particularly adept at using mathematics for simple tasks such as calculating distance, travel time, available Delta-V etc when piloting various starships.


Emiko has been well trained during her early years aboard the MKSS Ryokō and in Star Army basic training to use a variety of common communications methods found in various starships; including normal and advanced radio communications, direct-beam communications, hyperspace, subspace and tachyon devices.

Emiko has after the transference into a Yamataian body and then later within the NH-29 body type, become adept in telepathic communication. She is now able to telesend and telereceive messages within the full 250 km range available. She is also able to code and decode encrypted messages whilst using telepathic sending and receiving.

Emiko speaks, reads and writes fluent Trade (English) and Yamataian (Japanese).


Emiko has received the basic Star Army martial training.

She has undergone training to prepare herself for combat both in Yamatai comparable conditions and within zero-gravity environments, whilst either armed or unarmed. Emiko is quite adept and well-practiced at operating in Zero-G environments due to her experience aboard the MKSS Ryokō.

Emiko's weapon training includes the use of various pistol types, knives and power armor.

Technology Operation

Emiko is fully capable of operating any computer that makes use of the Kessaku OS, found within all Star Army starships, and is very familiar with various civilian operating systems. She is able to fully utilize most operating systems in order to acquire needed information. Additionly, Emiko is highly capable with the sorts of tools and systems used for maintenance, repair, and engineering projects, due to her extensive experience and training aboard the MKSS Ryokō.


Star Army Gear

Power Armor:

Items presently being worn by Emiko, or are in her immediate possession:

Other equipment assigned to Emiko:

Equipment assigned to Emiko that is presently in ship storage:

  • None

Personal Items



  • 3x Female kimono, bright colors and decorative patterns.
  • 2x Kimono sash
  • 1x Geta (Wooden sandals)
  • 1x Sandals
  • 3x Shoes, black and white
  • 7x Pairs of underwear, assorted colors
  • 4x Short-leaved tops, assorted colors
  • 2x Black leather boots
  • 2x Thick long-sleeved shirts, black and white
  • 4x One-piece dresses, assorted colors
  • 6x Pairs of Socks, assorted colors
  • 3x Short skirts, assorted colors
  • 2x Pants, black and green
  • 1x Jeans, blue
  • 1x Leather jacket, red
  • 1x Civilian engineering jumpsuit


Murasaki Emiko is currently a Nitô Heisho in the Star Army Reserve. Emiko has no regular salary, for matters dealing with the service she is on the Yamatai Prestige System. She has a Murasaki Clan KS Card that she uses for personal purchases.

Character Data
Character NameMurasaki Emiko (紫 慧美冴)
Character OwnerKhasidel
Character StatusAdoptable Player Character
Current LocationFort Victory Reserve Center
Approval Thread…
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusReserve
SAOY RankNitô Heisho
SAOY OccupationStar Army Technician
SAOY AssignmentFort Victory Reserve Center

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