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Zen Armaments .357 Pistol

With the introduction of the .357 round, Zen Armaments had originally utilized it in their new Zen Armaments .357 Submachine Gun. In an effort to update their line of firearms Zen Arms has introduced a new pistol utilizing the .357 round. While originally slated to be offered to private sector security forces only, the .357 Pistol was reassigned for sale to all parties.

This gun was gifted to Nepleslians during YE 34's Lewis Pasco Day.

Ze-ZP-02a '.357'

Weapon Specifications

Nomenclature Information

  • Manufacturer: Zen Armaments
  • Name: Zen Arms .357 Pistol (Ze-ZP-02a)
  • Type: Semi-Automatic Handgun
  • Role: CQB
  • Length: 7.23 inches
  • Barrel Length: 4 inches
  • Mass: 1.47 (Without Mag) lbs
  • ROF: Semi-Automatic
  • Recoil: Low (Single, Semi-Auto)

Discharge Information

Projection/ammo type: .357 Zen Arms SMG Capacity: 15 rounds in double-stacked box magazine, +1 in chamber

Firing Mechanism

Short Recoil

Short recoil operation differs from long recoil operation in that the barrel and slide recoil only a short distance before they unlock and separate. The barrel stops quickly, and the slide continues rearward, compressing the recoil spring and performing the automated extraction and feeding process. During the last portion of its forward travel, the slide locks into the barrel and pushes the barrel back into the battery.


Due to the smaller size of the frame, magazines for the .357 may have a handgrip extension to better accommodate the shooter's hand. The .357 comes standard with a bobbed hammer equipped with a flat rubberized external thumb grip. This reduces possible snag from the hammer on a holster or clothing while the pistol is being drawn, but still allows the pistol to be cocked from a decocked position even in the absence of a spurred hammer.


The barrel of the .357's construction is made from steel for strength with polygonal rifling to increase barrel longevity with increases of velocity and accuracy. The barrel itself can also be swapped out for caliber conversion if necessary for a customized weapon.

Weapon Mechanisms

Safety: Rotating lever on the left side of the gun, up and to the left of the trigger group.

Fire Mode Selector: The Pistol is Semi-Automatic

Weapon Sight: 3-Dot

Attachment Hard Points: Accessory Rail at the front of the frame.

Grip: The grip is stepped and combines well with the tapered magazine to allow smoother and faster magazine changes.


Field Maintenance Procedure: Wipe and clean after every mission, taking care to scrub the barrel down and all moving parts.

Pricing: 450 DA.

Replaceable Parts and Components:

  • Extra Barrel (150 DA)
  • Extra Slide Spring (90 DA)
  • Additional Magazines: 15 Round Capacity (25 DA for 4)
  • Trigger Job (55 DA)
  • Barrel with Threaded Muzzle for Sound Suppressor (170 DA)

Additional Ammo:

  • Box of 30 Rounds (20 DA)
  • Box of 60 Rounds (40 DA)
  • Box of 120 Rounds (65 DA, Buy one get one half off.)


  • Black Leather Holster, carries 1 extra magazine (60 DA, Free with purchase)
  • Brown Leather Holster, carries 1 extra magazine (60 DA, Free with purchase)
  • Magazine Pouch, Attaches to the belt, torso or thigh. Carries 3 extra magazines (75 DA)
  • Laser Sight: (65 DA)
  • Small Flashlight Attachment (Good for four hours of illumination! 55 DA)
  • Sound Suppressor (120 DA)
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesweapons: pistols
Product Name.357 Pistol
ManufacturerZen Armaments
Price (KS)225.00 KS
DR v3 maxTier 2

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