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NMX Type 33 Snow Gear

The NMX Type 33 Snow Gear Set (SGS) is a kit containing clothing and gear for use in cold weather environments on habitable but frigid planets such as Ether. It is shipped in a sealed plastic bag inside a white cardboard box.

Type 33 Snow Coat

The Type 33 Snow Coat is a warm, white, and knee-length parka designed for humanoid NMX soldiers. It is usually found in Nekovalkyrja size, but there are also some human sizes available from NMX supply command. There is an NMX flag patch on the right upper arm.


  • Waterproof white exterior
  • Hood with white faux-fur lining
  • Synthetic silk inner lining
  • Two pockets with flaps on the upper chest
  • Two front hand-warmer pockets

Snow Overpants

The Snow Gear comes with a set of overpants made from a thin but warm waterproof white synthetic “space” fabric. They are equipped with pocket slits and thick suspenders.

Boots and Gloves

The Snow Gear Set also comes with fur-lined boots and combat mittens that match the coat. The mittens have a separate close-fitting and highly flexible trigger finger and rubberized palm and finger surfaces. The boots are waterproof, white, and designed for mountain climbing and traveling through ice and snow. A set of white zippered gaiters are also provided to keep any snow out of the boots.

Snowshoes are not included in the kit because Nekovalkyrja can float.


Other items included in the SGS box are:

  • 100 meters of high-strength cord, white
  • Polarized goggles
  • Steel Crampons (spikes that attach to the boots)
  • Steel ice axe and white sheath
  • White waterproof rucksack, containing:
    • 10 resealable plastic bags (including 2 rifle-sized ones)
    • 3 neon orange pairs of winter boot Socks (usable for signaling if needed)
    • White cocoon-type waterproof Sleeping Bag
    • White wool knit cap
    • White wool scarf
    • White wool sweater

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