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Interchangeable High-Volume Capacitor

The IHVC Is a battery made to be utilized as a standard battery for all of Origin Defense Manufacturing personal weaponry, helping standardize parts and make things easier and less expensive to replace. The IHVC is rechargeable, and can be recharged 5,000 times before wear sets in.




  • Designer: Rob Robertson III
  • Manufacturer: ODM
  • Name: Interchangeable High-Volume Capacitor
  • Type: Energy Capacitor
  • Role: Battery Magazine
  • Length: 5 inches
  • Width: 1 inch
  • Height: 3 inches
  • Mass: 12 ounces
  • Price: 30 KS/ Battery


A small rectangular box, which has superconducting contact points and a locking hook on one end, with a small latch on the other. Along the sides are a set of raised bumps, which serve a number of purposes, depending on the weapon it is being used with.


DR # of Shots
Tier 1, Light Anti-Personnel 500 shots
Tier 1, Light Anti-Personnel 300 Shots
Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel 100 shots
Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel 50 shots
Tier 3, Heavy Anti-Personnel/Tier 3, Heavy Anti-Personnel 10 Shots
Tier 4, Light Anti-Armor 1 shot

Charging Base


Designer: Rob Robertson III Manufacturer: ODM Name: IHVC Charge Base Type: Energy Capacitor Charge base Role: Recharging Length: 6 inches Width: 10 inches Height: 2 inches Mass: 2 pounds Charge Time: 1 Hour Per battery (charges sequentially left to right) Price: 50 KS


The charging base is a low black box with a cord sticking out the back to be plugged in to an outlet, and five small slots in the front which the batteries are plugged into for recharging.

Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesbatteries
Product NameInterchangeable High Volume Capacitor
ManufacturerOrigin Industries
Price (KS)30.00 KS

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