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Heavy Infantry Plasma Rifle

Designed in YE 32, the Heavy Infantry Plasma Rifle is made by Origin. It is a bolt-action plasma rifle designed specifically to give Heavy infantry the ability to tackle Powered armor. Due to its nomenclature (HIPR), common slang for the rifle is 'Hyper'.

Weapon Specifications

Nomenclature Information

  • Nomenclature: OI-W5-1A
  • Designer: ODM Design Team # 6
  • Manufacturer: ODM
  • Name: Heavy Infantry plasma Rifle
  • Type: Bolt-action Plasma rifle
  • Role: Anti-armor
  • Length: 60 Inches / 5 Feet
  • Barrel Length: 36 Inches / 3 Feet
  • Mass: 24.2 Lbs
  • ROF: 6 Varies by firing mode.


Since the inception of powered armor, the machines have been a menace to standard infantry. Many find themselves unable to fight on even terms with a foe whom they cannot damage beyond scratching paint. In a time when enemies wielding powered armor are extremely common, drastic measures must be taken. And so, a rifle capable of heavy damage to powered armor was designed to fit in the hands of un-powered infantry. Very heavy, with limited ammunition, the HIPR can pack such enormous punch that it almost makes up for it. With proper support, a HIPR wielding soldier can effectively help even the tide between infantry and powered armor.


Discharge Information

When the trigger is pulled, it releases a hammer which hits a plasma cap, 'firing' the rifle as well as inciting a containment field to be projected, allowing the plasma rifle to fire longer distances, as well as making it safe for unarmored infantry to wield. The Plasma is projected inside the containment field, producing a loud noise as it ionizes the air around it, as well as a bright flash of ionized gasses following the path of the shot. When the plasma hits something, it will do light kinetic damage, heavy 'energy' damage, as well as light any nearby (within a three foot radius) combustibles on fire. The Plasma causes most materials to superheat and flash-vaporize, which causes a sudden localized increase in pressure as the newly vaporized material expands. This expanding vaporized material is capable of knocking down unarmored targets, as well as knocking down most lighter Powered armor in Heavy mode.

Firing Mechanism

Up to Six plasma caps are breech loaded into the HIPR's internal magazine, with the bolt fully open. After the sixth cap, the bolt is moved forward, pushing the cap into the chamber and setting a hammer. Upon pulling the trigger, the hammer is released and the charge is fired, accompanied by a containment field powered by a battery. Once a cap is fully discharged, the bolt is pulled back, ejecting the spent cap. When firing Heavy rounds, the bolt locks in place for 8 seconds, allowing the rifle to cool, and then the next round is pushed up by a spring. For medium rounds, the wait is Four Seconds, and for light rounds, there is no wait time. The bolt is pushed forward, beginning the cycle again.

Ammunition Description

  • Power: Tier 3, Heavy Anti-Personnel (Heavy) Tier 3, Heavy Anti-Personnel (Medium) Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel (Light)
  • Effective Range 1500 Meters
  • Maximum Range: 2000 Meters
  • Muzzle Blast: Extremely loud, crackling boom, Bright bluish-white flash.
  • Firing Mode: Bolt-pull repeater.
  • Recoil: Medium-high (Can knock over non-properly braced users)
  • Rounds per battery: 12 Caps
  • Ammunition 45x200mm Plasma Cap
  • Rounds per Magazine: Six breech-loaded Caps

Weapon Mechanisms

  • Safety: Ambidextrous Selector Switch
  • Fire Mode Selector: ambidextrous lever in front of breech, choose between Heavy (one shot per bolt-pull) Medium (two shots per bolt pull) and Light (four shots per bolt pull) Bolt locks in place till Cap is fully discharged.
  • Firing Modes: There are Three firing modes, Heavy, which fires the entire Cap in one trigger pull, Medium, which fires two half-strength shots per Cap, and Light, which fires Four quarter-strength shots per Cap. Heavy mode has an 8 second wait time between shots, Medium has a 4 second wait time between shots, and light mode has no wait between shots, but must still wait 8 seconds after the full Cap has been discharged.
  • Weapon Sight: 10-250x Electronic scope, powered by battery.
  • Attachment Hard Points:
  • Battery: The Battery is loaded by pushing a slide to unlock a hatch on the left side of the gun, which opens and disengages the old battery, which is then removed from its cradle. The new battery is slid into the cradle, then the hatch is pushed closed, re-engaging the battery.
  • Plasma Cap: The plasma cap is a 45x200mm capacitor, containing a compressed plasma charge.
  • Recoil Management: The HIPR uses a gas-filled shock absorber in the stock, along with padding on the butt, in order to absorb a large amount of the recoil the gun produces. While this keeps the user from injuring themselves, it is still advised that they be properly braced in order to fire this weapon.


  • Field Maintenance Procedure: Wipe and Clean After Every Mission, Taking Care to Scrub the Barrel and all Moving Parts.


  • Gun (includes 2 batteries and a charging station that can charge up to 5 batteries at a time.)- 900 KS

Replaceable Parts and Components:

Additional Ammo:


  • Carry strap: Adjustable Synthetic Fabric Strap - 15 KS
  • Bipod: Adjustable barrel-mounted Bipod, to help steady the gun. - 35 KS
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesweapons: rifles
Product NameHeavy Infantry Plasma Rifle
ManufacturerOrigin Industries
Price (KS)900.00 KS
DR v3 maxTier 3

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