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Ke-M2-W3002 Leg NSB Launchers

The PANTHEON's Nodal Support Bits (NSB) are finger-sized self-recharging multi-function drone units under the Mindy AI's control. Launched by the Mindy power armor during combat, these bits (up to 6) will form a small cloud around their host Mindy and correlate targeting data. The NSBs are good for poking around corners and getting alternate points of view. They can also or act as countermeasures and even shoot at the enemy. The NSBs are stored in small, rounded modules that sit flush against the Mindy’s lower legs. There are three bits per leg module.

  • Nodal Support Bit: Ke-M2-W2704-NSB
  • NSB STL speed: Equal to the Mindy’s Speed
  • Purpose: Anti-personnel, Anti-missile
  • Damage: Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel
  • Range: 500 meters. Max 750 meters.
  • Firing Modes: Single/Auto/Stun
  • Rate of Fire: Individually, or in volleys of 3 or 6. Each bit fires at 150 shots/min (auto)
  • Payload 6 Nodal Support Bits, each drone can support 200 shots without recharge from the Mindy's CFS - contact with CFS restores 100 shots per second. 1 second of operation out of the Mindy's CFS bubble expends 10 of those shots to power movement.
  • Notes: Automatically programmed to attack incoming missiles if no countermeasures are being used (or depleted).

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